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November 24, 2015

Juvenile Booze Case is Going to DA
BURNEY — Burney Patrol Division Commander Lt. Mark Lillibridge says his office has completed its investigation into the teen party that hospitalized one and effectively ended the Burney High School football and volleyball season.

Lillibridge says that on Monday, November 2nd, the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office received a report from Child Protective Service (CPS) regarding an “underage drinking party” which had taken place on Saturday, October 24th.

The CPS report alleges that approximately 20-25 “underage minors” consumed alcohol, at a party located at a residence on Sapphire Road in Burney CA. The report stated that one minor became over intoxicated and unresponsive, that he had to be taken to Mayers Memorial Hospital for immediate treatment.

After receiving the CPS report, our office initiated an official investigation into this incident.

The Sheriff’s Department investigation revealed:
• A juvenile “house party” did in fact take place at the identified residence on Sapphire Road in Burney, on Saturday October 24th.
• That the juvenile party had been planned with the knowledge of the home owners, Perry & April Thompson. • Food and non-alcoholic drinks were provided by the home owner’s to those in attendance.
• A minor and an underage adult, Robert Wall, 19, had made arrangements to purchase alcohol for the party from a legal adult, Brittany Webster, 22.
• Webster did in fact purchase the alcohol for the minor and Robert Wall, and that alcohol was provided and consumed by other minor’s at the house party.
• One juvenile became so intoxicated that he needed to be transported to Mayers Memorial Hospital for immediate treatment.
• That juvenile was treated for “alcohol poisoning” and had a Blood Alcohol, level of .251% when admitted to the hospital.
• Lt. Lillibridge says they have received conflicting statements on whether or not the home owners knew alcohol was being consumed on their property.
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Locks of Love from BHS’s Anthony Semers

BURNEY — Burney High School Senior Anthony Semers grew and gave up a long lock of his hair in front of the student body at a 12:30 p.m. assembly last Friday.

Students watched as fellow senior Kyler Marks “delicately” removed the red braid with a pair of office shears and held his trophy so everyone could see.

Anthony’s amputated lock of hair will be given to Lock’s of Love, an organization which makes wigs from the donated hair and in turn gives the wigs to Cancer patients who have lost their hair because of his or her cancer treatments.

Anthony says that those who want to help can donate at the Cascade Salon from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Those that want to help but can’t donate hair can donate money.
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Even the Dead Cannot Rest in Peace
FALL RIVER MILLS — Someone with an apparent vendetta against the Fall River Mills Cemetery vandalized it last Wednesday night.

The sprinkler timer mechanism was broken apart and the wires ripped out, three windows were broken a door kicked in, a pump house broken into, trash strewn all over the back of the property and food stuff jammed into locks.

The Cemetery District has been struggling for years. They get an average of $10,000 annually and out of that and the few burials each year must pay a part time grounds keeper, the County’s “share” is taken out for accounting, LAFCO gets a portion of the money, PG&E and routine maintenance costs are also taken out.

Generally the district runs out of money before the end of the fiscal year and must borrow against the next year’s taxes to keep afloat.
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Louis Ward is Now the CEO
FALL RIVER MILLS — Mayers Memorial Hospital District’s Chief Operating Officer was promoted to Interim Chief Executive Officer for the district in July, replacing Matt Rees who had held the position for the previous six years.

In the past 4+ months under his leadership the management team has obtained the US Department of Agriculture’s financing okay, hired a design firm, decided on a scaled down plan for the Fall River campus facility and continued to move forward financially.

Louis Ward joined Mayers Memorial Hospital District (MMHD) in September of 2011. He came to the district as the Purchasing Manager and quickly became involved in multiple district projects, most notably the Electronic Health Records Implementation. With a Co-Project Manager, Caleb Johnson the two were able to bring the 3 million dollar project to completion on schedule and on budget. Ward then took the role as Director of Support Services. He was tasked with overseeing the daily operations and finances of 5 of the districts departments. In late 2014 he was again asked to expand his management scope as the Chief Operating Officer of the district.
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New Push for Ambulance
By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
ADIN — The third time is a charm or so the proponents of the Community Service District (CSD) to support an ambulance in Big Valley hope. To date the two counties, whose voters will be affected, have covered the expenses for the elections. Both times the concept has won a majority of the vote. However, Proposition 13, voted in by California voters in June 1978, requires a “super” or 2/3 majority because it involves forming a district that would be supported in part by property tax. Last election, it lost by four votes.

After a stake holders meeting and public survey this summer, the committee believes strongly the community believes in the need for an ambulance in the Valley. They have decided that they, the community members itself, will pay for the necessary elections in the two counties, a estimated at $5,000 to $10,000.

Big Valley lost its ambulance when Modoc County, itself in dire straights, divested itself of Modoc Medical Center in Alturas, which had been draining the county for several years. Voters in Modoc county voted in a special Hospital District, the boundaries of which did not include Adin.

The new Hospital District decided that the Adin Ambulance Station was not “paying for itself” and decided to shut the Adin Station down. The Ambulance itself had been paid for with funds earmarking it for Adin. It is currently being housed in Alturas, but not in use.
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Leak Detector Works
FALL RIVER MILLS – The three water districts, Burney, Fall River and Bieber, who worked on a joint grant, were able to contract and get leak detection done on their three systems earlier this month.

Fall River Community Services District manager Bill Johnson reported that the leak detection on the Fall River system turned up five significant leaks. Those leaks, when combined amounted to a loss of 20 gallons per minutes which equates to approximately 10.5 million gallons per year.

Johnson says the largest was located on a line feeding the fire hydrant near the Department of Motor Vehicles office which was losing water at the rate of 10 gallons per minute.

He says he has worked with Fall River Fire Chief Scott Gallion and been able to take the hydrant out of service until the CSD can repair the pipe.
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Wilkins Trial Now Feb 2
REDDING — A trial date for former area physician who had worked for both Mountain Valleys Health Centers and Mayers Memorial Hospital in the past, Timothy Wilkins MD has been continued three times since his June 18, 2014 booking on several charges of sexual misconduct with a minor female under 18 in Redding.

Those charges are Unlawful sex with a minor, lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor, providing pornographic material to a minor, penetration with a foreign object and oral copulation with a person under 18.

Wilkins, 40, was licensed as an MD in California in 2007.

He was employed by EM Care, a placement service that handles health care professionals. He worked at the Fall River Clinic for some time and at the Hospital’s emergency room as an emergency physician.

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