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July 19 , 2016

Pit River Bridge Repair Bid is Expected Tuesday
REDDING — The bid to repair the Pit River Bridge goes to the Board of Supervisors today (Tuesday).

County Public Works Director Pat Minturn is proposing that the board chose the low Bidder, DRS Marine, Inc., awarding it on a unit cost basis, be awarded the contract. The bid is $159,950.

The Cassel-Fall River Road at Pit River Bridge was constructed in 1922.

It has sustained scour damage and is closed to traffic.

Morrison Structures, Inc. has prepared plans for temporary repairs to restore the bridge to service. Divers will place grout bags under the footings.

On June 7, the Board initiated the bidding process. On July 14, four bids were received and opened.

Repairs will be carried out in September. Caltrans divers will inspect the work in October and the bridge may reopen thereafter.

Bridge replacement efforts are in progress. Numerous historical and biological resources are involved.

Environmental studies will extend into 2017. Right of way acquisition from Pacific Gas & Electric Company will follow. The project is anticipated to go to bid in 2018.

Pending repairs should enable the existing bridge to remain in service until the new bridge is complete.

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Rogers Leaves Friday
BURNEY — Fire Chief Adrian Rogers’ last day is this coming Friday, August 22. Interim Fire Chief Abe Hathaway, will take over the duties of chief on Monday the 25th and volunteer Captain Kevin Atkins will cover the Chief’s position during the transition weekend.

The board interviewed two candidates for the vacant Captain’s position last Thursday without reaching a decision.

Rogers told his board that all of the district’s ambulances had been repaired as needed and were in service and only one of their engines was still being repaired and it was coming along okay. He also reported that the Burney Basin Days Fireworks and Parade had gone well, they had received the first installment of taxes appeared to be even with the previous year.

Cal PERS hit the district for $2,262.
State Says McArthur Mobile Home Park
Water is Contaminated with Manganese
By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
FALL RIVER MILLS — The McArthur Mobil Home Park is currently supplying its tenants with water that does not meet the State’s health standards according to the Community Service District.

It allegedly contains high levels of manganese a chemical that studies show adversely affect children causing a measurable effect on their intelligence levels.

Both District Manager Bill Johnson and Board Chair Jerry Monath say the state has demanded that the situation be taken care of, strongly suggesting that the Park hook up to the Community Service District and let them supply the park with reliable drinking water. At the same time, they say, the state not only pressured the district to apply for a state grant to do the work necessary to provide that service, but awarded it in the amount of $20,000 in record time. The district has until the end of the calendar level to accept the grant.

Currently the negotiations between the District and the park owner, have broken down. The issue being negotiated is the size of the service to be used. The district is insisting on providing service in accordance with their Mission Statement, which says, in part, that they supply water in a “reliable, professional, cost effective and environmentally conscious manner.” Johnson and Monath say they cannot do that without the proper size meter that can handle the load and provide the water being installed.

That is the sticking point. District policy states that the trailer park must have a 1½ inch water meter and the Park owner refuses to pay for a meter larger than one inch. The issue is the difference in rates that the owner will be charged for the larger meter and he refuses to allow the larger meter to be installed.

The district points out that the difference will undoubtedly be passed on to the trailer park tenants even though the owner says it won’t. While, the district says, the tenants are going to pay around $10 a month and the normal single-family 5/8-inch meter is $40 a month, it would not be fair for the customers of the district to subsidize the park users. Additionally, the board and manager says, the residents of the park couldn’t be guaranteed any water pressure at peak hours when the demand was high.

Board member Kathy Ontano says she doesn’t feel a 1½ meter would be adequate and that a 2½ inch one was needed. Board member Sky Snyder said he would like to see each of the park’s users be put on their own meter. That way they’d get the water in the amount and with the pressure needed and they’d be paying a base rate the same as any other metered service of about $40.

Approval of the $20,000 grant was tabled pending further negotiations with McArthur Mobile Home Park owner Peterson
Rosales Gets 20 to Life
BURNEY — Deputies found 61-year-old Artis McHugh Jr.’s decaying body laying on its back in the garage of his Mountain Home Road home. He had been stomped to death

The deputies found McHugh when they went to his home to check on his welfare after a neighbor reported that he hadn’t been seen in approximately a week.

McHugh had made a report to deputies October 8, that he had been assaulted by a man who tended his marijuana garden and that his SUV and dog had been stolen while he was in the hospital.

His dog was recovered in Shingletown when Animal control picked up a stray that turned out to be his dog.   
Burney Mosquito District Passes Budget
BURNEY — The trustees of the Burney Basin Mosquito Abatement District passed a $126,949 budget for the fiscal year 2016-16. The budget included a 5% cost of living raise for manager Rick Dougherty. Employee salaries, and benefits total $67,019. Operating expenses total $59,375.

One of the major increases this year is expected to come from the California PERS, “unfunded liability” demand for a hit of $2,949. That and similar hits to all governmental agencies covered by PERS is just the latest in demands as PERS scrambles to remain viable.

In the regular business portion of the meeting, the Trustees paid the chemical firm ADAPCO $11,475 and UNIVAR $3,268 to replenish the supply of chemicals necessary to kill both the adult and larvae this season.

He reported that the Shasta Local Agency Formation Commission had announced the results of the Special District election for the board positions allowed the districts. Brenda Haynes of ACID and Erwin Fust of the Clear Creek CSD were elected to the board and Stephen Morgan the alternate. All three have been heavily involved with that board.

With the exception of the first five weeks of the season, three of which were high, the mosquito light-trap count was either the 24-year average was either below normal or normal. The town of Burney and the area of Vedder Road filled that pattern while light traps in Johnson Park, Old 4-Corners, and Black Ranch were well below average.
District Gets Excavator Now Needs Trailer
FALL RIVER MILLS — The Community Services District have their new backhoe and it’s a beauty. It’s being kept inside the district’s headquarters on third Street. Field Manager Casey Rodriquez says the district has used it to replace a couple of meters and a meter box, but they’ve run into a snag.

The trailer they have is an old one and appears to have been welded. They can’t use it. So they are looking for another one capable of hauling the large excavator safely from job to job. Two of the first jobs waiting will be fixing leaks at two water hydrant sites along Highway 299.

In other business, the board authorized General Manager Bill Johnson to sign for construction money so they can cover costs for the work to be done for construction of the McArthur Water Tank until the grant money comes in and they can repay the loan.

Johnson pointed out that a contractor was in the process of taking care of the removal of the Thallium found in the basement of the Fall River Feed Store which burned to the ground 20 years. It is one of the hurdles being worked on by the district and others so the district will eventually be able to purchase the land, receive other land belonging to PG&E but being handled by the Stewardship Council, and the mill site owners Bill and Betty Stoltenberg.

The district also tabled the decision about whether to maintain the RAC or disband it. That committee, one formed under a different board was meant to act as a sounding boardand arena for providing the district’s manager and board with ideas, concepts and support or opposition to what was being planned. It failed to draw audiences, its membership has dwindled to one. Ed Siegel.

The board was going to consider disbanding it, but stopped when they learned that Ross Jones, a resident from the Big Eddy area had an item that he wanted to bring out using the RAC. It will be back on the agenda in August.



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