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January 20, 2015

Jordan Estes Leaves his Mark at BHS

BURNEY – Jordan Estes, a senior at Burney Jr/Sr high school, will graduate this June having left his mark on Burney high – literally.

Estes recently completed a giant wall mural in the school’s weight room as his senior project. The painting took him over 200 hours to complete and shows a pirate ship bursting through the weight room wall. Estes has always shown an interest in art, taking art classes each year he’s attended the school.

Asked where he got the idea for the mural, Estes said he was approached by football/track coach Clint McClurg.
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Bob Martinson Remembered
It was late 1979, the Mountain Echo had been in existence since October of 1977 and was then located in Juniper Center. It had gone from publishing every other week to weekly. It had gone to broadsheet (newspaper size) that spring.

Foursome, Bob and Suzanne Martinson and Bill and Sharon Nesbit, bought the paper from founders Sally Jacobsen (Moyer) and Kira Brazo.

Dennis Smith was the real estate agent. Dennis, the former Publisher of the Intermountain News, had gotten ahold of Bob Martinson who had been his editor.
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Trial Date Moved Out
REDDING — The trial date for Dr. Timothy Wilkins has been moved out to June 23, according to Deputy District Attorney Sarah Van Slyke, the defense attorney was granted a continuance extending the January trail date.

In June 2014, Wilkins, an emergency room physician at Mayers and former physician at Mountain Valley’s Health Clinic in Fall River Mills, was booked into the Shasta County Jail by Redding Detectives and charged with unlawful sex with a minor, lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor, providing pornographic material to a minor, penetration with a foreign object and oral copulation with a person under 18. Mayers had contacted the firm that provides physicians to the hospital and terminated his employment as soon as they were notified of the arrest.
 Crumbs Closes
McARTHUR — Chef and owner of Crumbs Travis Hickey announced on Facebook Saturday that Crumbs has closed.

During the seven years it was opened it served a variety of lunch and dinner cuisine not found elsewhere in the area at reasonable prices.

“I have been waiting for a miracle, some kind of sign, and the reality is Crumbs is failing. We have been walking a fine line for the past 5 years, and one misstep has pushed us over the edge”Hickey says.

The reality is that Crumbs is closed! The rumors can stop. It’s nobody’s fault, but rather a reminder of how fragile small business is in modern day America.” He wrote.

I want to thank you. The customer. Thanks for enjoying my food and being part of our dream. Don’t stop dreaming. Peace and love to you all.

Chief Rogers Sworn In
BURNEY — Burney’s new fire chief, Adrian Rogers, was officially sworn in by Burney Fire Board President Bob Moore, at last week’s monthly board meeting Tuesday.

With only one day on the job, he had little to report other than that Fire Captain Matt Scheckla has been introducing him to the community and he is busy learning streets, the equipment and personnel and other things he needs to know, as well as meet people. He and his family have bought a home in Burney and are moved into it. He says they love it in the area.

Rogers is formerly the Fire Chief for Shasta Lake City.
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Services District Continues to Move Forward
By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
FALL RIVER MILLS — Many of the Fall River Valley Community Services District (CSD) leak problems may soon come to light and be taken care of. After swearing in Catherine Cofer as the newest board member Wednesday evening, the District’s board of directors approved the memo of understanding between the CSD, the Burney Water District and Lassen County Waterworks #1 in Bieber for a joint use, storage and care of a leak detector. The completion of that document was the last major hurdle in getting the detection equipment. The three entities will use the equipment to pinpoint leaks in their systems. CSD manager Bill Johnson says there are still a couple of approvals they have to get from the state, but he doesn’t expect any problems. The minute he gets the last state okay they will be able to purchase the detection equipment and a new backhoe.
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Daugherty to Have Busy Winter
BURNEY — Rick Daugherty, the new District Manager for the Burney Basin Mosquito Abatement District, is going to be a busy man over the next 2.5 months.

He has the skills and knowledge to kill the mosquitoes and their larvae. Now its time to pick up the support group that will give the help he may need.
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Audit In, Pump on Line
By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
BURNEY — The Burney Water District voted to recommend that the county appoint Tanya Taylor to the vacant seat on the board and presented past board members Valerie Dickinson, Cindy Dodds and Tim McCammon with resolutions commending them for their exemplary service and all the time spent as members of the board during their tenures.
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