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April 26, 2016

Burglars Net Over $13,000
BURNEY — Burglars spent what appears to have been hours ransacking vehicles in a fenced parking lot across from the Sheriff’s substation the night of April 18.

According to Frontier Communication’s District Manager Daryl Hovis, the facility had been closed and secured Friday night as usual .

An employee had gone inside the parking area Saturday and there had been no sign of a problem.

Hovis said he had been in the parking area Sunday and hadn’t seen any problems.

When employees arrived for work Monday, one opened the gate and it fell off its hinges.

They immediately walked across the street and reported the break-in to the Sheriff’s Office

According to Hovis the burglars had to have spent considerable time inside the compound because they methodically went through the company vehicles taking testing equipment, chain saws and tools. In addition they stole a travel trailer that belonged to one of the employees and a truck without brakes. The truck was later found abandoned behind the Los Colinas Mobile Home Park.

According to Sheriff’s Sergeant Mark St. Clair the investigation into the break-in and theft of property is being handled by his department and the theft of the vehicle and travel trailer is being investigated by the CHP.

St. Clair said they do have leads and suspects.

Fall River High Alumni Earns State’s Highest Honor for Valor
SACRAMENTO — Fish and Wildlife Warden Ryan Stephenson, a 2009 Graduate of Fall River High School, received the Medal of Valor April 13 from Governor Jerry Brown.

On September 12, 2015 Stephenson was patrolling Lake County when the Valley Fire ignited.

The fire had just consumed the small town of Cobb and was now racing to consume the towns of Middletown and Hidden Valley Lake. Warden Stephenson raced ahead of the inferno to warn people about the fire and help them evacuate so they wouldn’t be trapped by the flames.

Working door to door, he had evacuated several homes and escorted eight people to safety when one of the residents realized their neighbor an 88 year old wheelchair bound woman was missing.
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Three Arrested for Drugs
BURNEY — Deputies from the Burney Patrol Division did a probation search, Sunday afternoon at the Charm Motel after receiving information that Steven Arthur Scott, 25, Ashley Janell Bonsey, 24, and Samuel Tristan Green, 18 were temporarily residing there. Scott and Green are currently on probation and Bonsey had an outstanding arrest warrant for theft.

Deputies immediately located a large amount of illegal drug paraphernalia, concentrated cannabis, methamphetamine and a small butane honey oil lab in the kitchen. Also present in the motel room was a baby girl. Scott and Bonsey were arrested for manufacturing illegal narcotics, felony child endangerment, drug paraphernalia, possession of illegal narcotics and probation violation. Green was arrested for illegal narcotic possession and probation violation. All three were booked into the Shasta County Main Jail.

Shasta County Children and Family Services were notified and responded to Burney to take protective custody of the baby.
Dying Woman's Home Not Ransacked
DAY — Susan Powers, a long-time employee of Ray’s Food Place was rushed to Mayers Memorial Hospital in Fall River Mills, April 11 where she died.

Since that time the Modoc County Sheriff’s Department, who has jurisdiction in that area of Modoc County, has been called to investigage reports of a burglary and thefts of property at her residence.

A spokesman for the Sheriff says they have investigated and the issues surrrounding the case appear to be civil.
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 Hearing Set to Raise Monthly Pool Fee
The Burney Water District’s board of directors will have a public hearing to increase the monthly pool maintenance fees by $1.00 a month. The fee is currently $5.00 and if passed will go to $6.00. The proposal was made by the Pool Oversight Committee. T

hat hearing is set for 6:30 p.m. May 19 at the district’s office at Hudson and Park.

The procedure follows the edicts set by the voters of the Water District’s passing Measure B and the District’s subsequent passage or Resolution 2005-07 in late 2005.
Fall River High Ranked as One of Nation's Best
McARTHUR – U.S. News and World Report published the 2016 Best High Schools rankings, and Fall River High School received a bronze medal status. Rankings are a detailed analysis of more than 21,500 U.S. public high schools where nearly 30 percent of the schools were awarded gold, silver or bronze medals.

The Best High Schools rankings, which is available at, features data on a number of factors including enrollment, student ethnicity, location, school type, results of state assessments, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate test, and graduation rates.
Students Look at Health Careers
BURNEY — Mayers Memorial Hospital District hosted the first of their three Health Career Days at area high schools last week at Burney High School. Mayers staff were present representing over 15 departments. Mountain Valleys Health Centers also participated. The entire student body was involved in the program and talked to staff to learn about the varietyof employment options in the healthcare field. Organizers Val Lakey, Director of Public Relations and Libby Mee, Director of Human Resources said the event was intended to show student the many jobs available with varying degrees of education and qualifications.

For example, a student can take a phlebotomist program and complete it in as little as 12 weeks, an EMT can complete training in 6 months, a Listened Vocational Nurse can finish schooling in 18 months and a physician takes many years. “We want to show our students there are a lot of opportunities, clinical and non-clinical. There are careers in Medical Records, Administration, Nutrition and IT,” said Lakey.

Mayers employees over 250 people and offers a wide variety of career options. “We want to grown our own and show local students it is an option to return to our community to work,” Mee noted.

Information was provided on:
• Education needed.
• Skills required, .
• Wages, benefits, etc.

Similar events are scheduled for May 20 at Fall River High School and May 25 at Big Valley High School.
Application for Well Money Submitted
FALL RIVER MILLS — The Fall River Valley Community Services District’s complete application to the State Revolving Fund to build the McArthur Water tank was submitted, District Manager Bill Johnson told his board last week.

“I believe this is a very good application, and have reason to believe we are ahead of the curve for applications that are seeking funding from Proposition 1.”

He went on to point out that much of the credit for any success would go to John Wendele of the California Rural Water Association (CRWA), who finished the application which, when completed took up two binders, each about two inches thick.

Johnson said he had also obtained what he believes to be all documents containing the legal description of the district boundaries. That has been something the district has been attempting to do for several years.

“I have sent them to Vestra with a request for a bid to obtain maps using that information.” He said.

Total operating revenue for the March billing cycle is $35,416.68, which includes a $4,500 connection fee. The budget for the month was $34,925. That connection fee was nice to have for the month. Total operating expenses (including labor) came to $34,474.03, about 3% over budget. The operating account contains a balance of $46,401.41 and the savings account has a balance of $1,344.54.

“The Capital Improvement Reserve account contains $26,883 .88. The various debt reserve accounts are fully funded per the requirements of our lenders.” He said.

Accounts payable, exclusive of grant reimbursable items, total $11,459.08.

The source of the unaccounted for water which has plagued them for years is still haunting them.

Water pumped in March was 406,230 cubic feet while water sold was 247,923 cubic feet, for a loss of 39%.

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