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August 4, 2015

Substation Re-Opens
Substation commander Lt. Mark Lillibridge, County Supervisor Pam Giacomini and Sheriff Tom Bosenko cut
the ribbon reopening the Burney substation.Just When You Thought You Were Safe

BURNEY — It has been six years since Burney’s substation has been open to the public. During five of those years the building remained open for court related services, until that too was shut down.

In its glory days the substation dispatched out of Burney, had jail cells and drunk tank and a full-time detective as well as commander and deputies.

The jail cell and drunk tank went away after an inmate hanged himself, making it necessary to have 24-hour supervision of prisoners. The cost of that, plus upgrades mandated by law effectively ended that.

Centralizing the dispatch system by contracting with SHASCOM took away the need for dispatchers and effectively routed everything through the main office in Redding.

When Sheriff Bosenko was hit twice with major budget cuts, the ability to maintain an office presence, thus being able to help the public at that location became a thing of the past.

Bosenko pledged to do everything he could to reopen the substation. It took awhile, six years, but the county board of supervisors finally approved plans they felt would work and keep it open.

Monday that became a reality.

With Service officer/ reserve deputy Nancy Carter and new service officer Amanda Pruitt covering the office Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during business hours, the existing law enforcement team of Burney Patrol Commander Mark Lillibridge, full time major crimes detective Keith Sharp, Sergeants Marc St. Clair and Quentin Johnston and deputies to cover 24 hours a day performing their normal patrol and service adding Concealed Weapons Permits, and all of the other services that were available to the public with the exception of live-scan fingerprinting which is a service provided by the Burney Fire Department.
Cyclist Dies After Crash
McARTHUR — An 80- year old Sunnyvale man died following a Friday afternoon motorcycle crash.

According to Highway Patrolman Miller, Ralph Laconbe was eastbound on Highway 299, east of the Pittville Totten Road on his 2006 Harley Davidson motorcycle when he was unable to negotiate a left hand curve and left the roadway onto the south shoulder.

He went off an embankment and was ejected. The motorcyle landed in a field and subsequently started a vegetation fire.

The initial report shown on the Highway Patrol CAD indicated that a number of citizens had stopped and tried to get him away from the burning cycle.

Laconbe did receibe major injuries as a result of the crash and was transp;orted by ambulance to Mayers Memorial Hospital and then flown to Mercy Medical Center in Redding where he died.

Firefighter Killed
ALTURAS – Assistant Fire Management Officer, Black Hills National Forest Engine Captain, David “Dave” Ruhl, was reported missing Thursday evening, July 30 during initial attack on the Frog Fire on the Modoc National Forest.

The Modoc County Sheriff’s Office was called for assistance in searching for the missing firefighter. With the leadership of Undersheriff Ken Richardson, search and rescue personnel started the initial search at approximately 8 p.m., July 30. The initial search effort continued until about midnight when it was halted because of hazardous fire conditions. Efforts began again at 6 a.m., July 31 and the victim’s body was discovered at 9:17 a.m. Preliminary investigation indicated the body was that of missing firefighter David Ruhl.

One of the next steps in the investigation process is for the Coroner’s Office to conduct an autopsy to determine the continued from front page nature of the death. Theautopsy is scheduled for early next week. As part of the autopsy process, laboratory tests will need to be conducted. The tests may take up to five weeks for completion.

Mayers Ambulance Arrives
In 2013, the hospital determined the need for a new 4-wheel drive ambulance to replace the primary ambulance that is one of the oldest operating ambulances in Northern California. With the help of the Intermountain Healthcare Foundation and several partners, the purchase of the ambulance became a reality.

The ambulance project was funded by several partners such as the Indian Gaming Local Community Benefit Committee awarded $51,830, the Sierra Health Foundation awarded $15,000; and the California Rotary District 5160, encompassing 26 Rotary Clubs stretching from the Bay Area to the Oregon border, awarded a $10,000 grant to assist in funding the new ambulance. Then, the local Burney- Fall River Rotary Club members and community members proposed to match the Rotary District grant with local funds of $15,000. An anonymous donation in the amount of $30, 000 helped complete the purchase of the ambulance.

Donation breakdown:
• Burney-Fall River Rotary Club—and to each member for their donation the F/R project
• Anonymous $30,000 donation
• Mr. & Mrs. William Chamberlain of Burney (shown right) $6,000
• Mrs. Elsie Matthews $1,100
• Charles R. Howell $100
• Intermountain Jr. Rodeo Association $250
• Billy D. May $100
• Craig & Marlene McArthur (Memorial Gift honoring Dr. Robert Adams) $250
• Mary Ranquist (Memorial Gift honoring Pat Baremore) $100
• Matt Rees $200
• Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund (largest contribution …. $51,830)
Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund $51,830
Sierra Health Foundation Grant (District) $15,000
Mayers Memorial Hospital District $14,223.37
I n t e r m o u n t a i n Healthcare Foundation (Annual Appeal, Golf Tourney, Chocolate Festival, Anonymous Donor, Community Donors) $62,595.66
Rotary District 5160 Grant
(Mayers IHF) $10,000
Rotary Club of Burney- Fall River
(Mayers IHF) $15,000
TOTAL ...$168,649.03

Fund Set Up for Family that Lost Two
A memorial fund set up in the “Go-Fund-Me” (http://www.gofundme/ awellfamilyfund) to ease the burden of medical, travel, housing funeral and other expenses is open and 407 people have donated, raising $26,790. Much more is needed.

The July 17 night crash in the area of Dairyville south of Red Bluff killed a 36-year-old woman and a 10-yearold boy, according to the CHP

A spokesman for the California Highway Patrol says Andrew “Andy” Wellemeyer, 34, of Marysville, was driving a 1999 Dodge pickup towing a trailer north on Highway 99. The family of five were seat belted in when the front right tire of the truck blew, sending the pickup into a tree.

Wellemeyer, as well as Hayley, 6, were riding in the center of the front seat, suffered major injuries and were taken to Mercy Medical Center in Redding. Hayden, 6, who was riding in the back seat of the pickup suffered minor injuries. The crash killed Lori, 36, and Drew, 10. The CHP said drugs nor alcohol were involved.

“On July 17th our lives changed forever. A hideous accident separated this family of five. Andy lost his soul mate Lori and his precious son Drew. The twins lost their mommy and big brother.

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