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May 5, 2015

Friends Tell Steve Thank You
And that They Care and are There for Him

Sheriff Tom Bosenko and Steve Murdock share a light moment during the Sheriff’s presentation.
In the seven years he’s been here, Steve Murdock has stepped up to the plate to help  organizations and people  so often that it is no wonder everyone wants to be there for him in his time of need.

By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
FALL RIVER MILLS — A unique retired couple moved here in 2007. Steve Murdock wanted to retire from his computer repair business, his wife Whitney wanted to start a graphic designs company, Murdock Creative Designs.

Steve quickly found that he really didn’t want to spend all his time golfing, or if he did, he found he had made a mistake in telling friends he was a computer whiz.

Whitney, who hadn’t had any delusions about resting and relaxing has been designing and producing flyers, brochures, and creating and managing several websites since they moved here.

It didn’t take long for the guy who wanted to make golf clubs and golf all day to find himself the 2nd Vice Commander for the American Legion Post 369, Sergeant for the Fall River Citizen Volunteer Patrol, Chairman of the Fall River Municipal Advisory Committee and a member of the Eastern Shasta County Sheriffs Flying Posse and the Tea Party.

Those jobs, his computer business, plus doing photos and distributing Whitney’s publication, “The Fall River Valley Quarterly.”

Then he began having bouts of not feeling well and losing weight.

A tall, lean man to start with, it didn’t take long for his friends to notice that something was wrong.

Recently, the former USAF Captain and Navigator, the computer specialist for Boeing Aerospace who had a contract to work on the flight simulators at Travis AFB and Flight Safety, the music lover who in earlier days had loved to perform with Whitney at such places as the Sherwood Forest in Fairfield was admitted to Mercy Medical Center in Redding where he was told he had terminal cancer.

His daughter, Dr. Theresa Murdock - Vlautin, MD., a physician at U.C. Medical Center, arranged for some time off from her job and came up to be with him throughout all of the tests and ordeals.

When he became strong enough he came back to the Valley, entered hospice and after a brief stay has returned home to be with family.

His brother Fred has come down from Salem Oregon to be with the family also.

Last week, before he was released to return home, those who he has worked with, volunteered with and helped here in the Valley, arranged for a chance to let him know they loved him and are there for he and Whitney.

Sheriff Tom Bosenko came up from Redding to make a special presentation on behalf of the Flying Posse, and deputies, the Burney Commander and Detective were there to offer their support and thank you also.

Car Upside Down in Creek - Driver is Okay
INGOT — An eastbound Shasta Lake woman was extremely lucky when she went off Highway 299E Saturday afternoon and ended upside down in Cedar Creek. Melinda Arterberry, 39, who suffered only a bump on her head and scratches, reportedly managed to get out of the car and climb up to the roadway on her own.
Man Got Knocked Down by Car in Parking Lot
— A fluke accident Saturday afternoon left a Burney driver shaken up and a blind man with minor injuries.

According to the Highway Patrol, Jessica Jim left a tribal meeting at the Pit River Health Center and went to her car. At the same time Brock Gali, who was left blind in an accident several years ago, had also left to have a cigarette and walk his dog in an area of the parking lot he was familiar with.

Gali, who didn’t realize he was behind a car, bent down to pet his dog as James started her car and put it in reverse. She stopped instantly when she heard Gali scream and cry out in pain.

Gali was taken to Mayers with minor injuries.
LAFCO Finances Okay
By Loretta Carrico-Russell
Mountain Echo reporter
A local agency has its finances in order without raising fees, getting an advance on fees or taking out a loan. Reporting to the Shasta Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo), attorney Jim Underwood, acting executive officer, presented the Commission a cashflow plan for the remainder of the fiscal year that outlines how the agency is to tighten its belt further and a 2015/’16 proposed budget.

Underwood recommended to continue to have the LAFCo office opened four days a week for only two hours and by appointment only, and to make Underwood the interim executive officer (EO) to fulfill LAFCo’s statutory obligations until an executive officer could be hired. He said the cash balance is the key to determine what is possible and how to keep the lights on.

The main expense will be legal expenses, but his firm has agreed to defer payment to fiscal year 2015/’16, including the $11,000 currently owed, Underwood said, adding, there would be no interest or penalty charged. In a 5 to 1 vote the Commission approved the cash-flow recommendations.

New and additional internal controls were needed to avoid what took place during the past year, Underwood explained. During the financial review by Underwood and the fiscal committee it was discovered the “former LAFCo executive management did not report to the Commission the state of LAFCo financial affairs in a timely and complete way that could have averted the extent of the ongoing financial challenges.” He said the budget organization for last year was “less than clear.” The 2014/’15 line items were adjusted and funds were transferred between categories by the former EO without the Commission’s consent.
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P G & E is Going Green
SAN FRANCISCO, — Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has been recognized by the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) as a national leader in solar power for the seventh year in a row. SEPA’s eighth annual Utility Solar Rankings report measures newly installed solar power units connected over the course of 2014. PG&E earned the first place ranking in the Solar Megawatts category with more than 1,500 megawatts installed within its service area, equivalent to powering over 320,000 homes.

Paul Moreno, Public Affairs officer for the utility says “PG&E delivers some of the cleanest energy in the nation to nearly 16 million people in Northern and Central California. More than 55 percent of the energy PG&E delivers comes from sources which emit no greenhouse gases. By the year 2020, PG&E expects that number will grow to approximately 65 percent.

“We are 100 percent committed to solar energy and its role in California’s energy future,” said PG&E’s Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Laurie Giammona. “Together with our customers and partners, we have worked to shorten connection times and help solar grow in our state. SEPA’s recognition shows this collaboration is paying off.”

In March, PG&E announced a significant milestone of connecting the 150,000th solar customer to its electric grid. During 2014, the utility connected more rooftop solar customers to its grid than any other year in its history – 45,000 new solar customers. With more solar than any other utility in the country, PG&E connects a new solar customer to its electric grid approximately every 11 minutes.

PG&E is also making it easier than ever before for customers to reduce their carbon footprint by going solar in 2015. The company has reduced the average application processing time for new solar connections from an industry average of four weeks down to five days. In addition, PG&E offers a solar calculator, which helps customers estimate the appropriate size for their solar system, the likely cost and how much energy it will help them save.

In addition, earlier this week, Habitat for Humanity and PG&E celebrated their 10 year solar partnership.

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