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September 20, 2016

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MMHD will be hosting a Community Education Series beginning with a Medicare Open Enrollment Informational Meeting on September 26, 2016. There will be two sessions; one in Fall River Mills at 10:00 am and one in Burney at 1:00 p.m. The meetings will be in the board rooms at the respective facilities.

Medicare Open Enrollment is October 15 - December 7, 2016. This will be an opportunity to learn about plans that may have better coverage, higher quality and lower costs.

You will also have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one counseling with MMHD’s Patient Financial Counselor/Registered HICAP Counselor. It is important to make sure you have the right health and prescription drug coverage.

MMHD offers counseling services with HICAP (Health Insurance Counseling Advocacy Programs) for Medicare beneficiaries, Enrollment assistance through Covered California, as well as financial counseling through MMHD’s own policies for financial assistance. We have a variety of options available to assist patients with their medical bills, such as Prompt Pay discounts, payment arrangements, Discount Payment Program, as well as Charity Care. It is our goal to work with patients individually to assist in finding the best solution for their needs.

For more information contact Colene Hickman 530-336-7552.
Vietnam POW-MIA's Remembered

 The 1960’s and 70’s were a long time ago. Imagine what it would be like to be held in captivity or a family member of someone still listed as missing in action. It isn’t pretty and the Veterans, along with Guest Speaker, Interim Fire Chief, President of Mayers Board, former County Supervisor, rancher and retired teacher Abe Hathaway, Burney High School’s Vocal Ensemble(above) honored the missing men and women in ceremonies that included the reading of the 1600 plus names of those still missing. 
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Grants Awarded
The Mayers Intermountain Healthcare Foundation Board of Directors recently approved six grant awards for equipment acquisitions for various departments at Mayers Memorial Hospital District totaling $24,000. In addition, the Foundation has provided financial support to the hospice program

1. Ankle Brachial Index • $8,043.88

2. HCI Upper Body Ergometer • $499.00

3. Patient Bed • $2,000.00

4. Vital Signs Monitor • $5500.00

5. Nustep TS Recumbent Cross Trainer • $3,795.00

6 Syringe Pump • $4,000.00

The Outpatient Services Department received two items based on a request submitted by Manager, Kay Shannon. There are 3 rooms in operation now in the Outpatient Medical Department. When the 3rd room was opened, no beds were available for OPM. We used an old gurney initially, then “snagged” the discarded old wood “1993” birthing bed from the OB department. The date of the bed is known by the dedication plaque on the bed head. The department now has a new patient bed along with new vital signs monitoring equipment.

Physical Therapy Manager, Daryl Schneider applied for a NuStep Commercial Cardiovascular Machine to be used in Physical Therapy. The equipment is great for conditioning and cardiovascular training and is easy on the joints. It will be used in Physical Therapy and with treatments for Long Term Care patients and inpatients.

The Imaging Department received an ankle- brachial index. This is a quick, noninvasive way to check your risk of peripheral artery disease (PAD). Peripheral artery disease is a condition in which the arteries in your legs or arms are narrowed or blocked. People with peripheral artery disease are at an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, poor circulation and leg pain. The ankle-brachial index test compares your blood pressure measured at your ankle with your blood pressure measured at your arm.

A low ankle-brachial index number can indicate narrowing or blockage of the arteries in your legs, increasing your risk of circulatory problems, and possibly causing heart disease or stroke.

Other items funded by the Foundation include a Syringe Pump for ER and Acute and an Upper Body Ergometer for Long Term Care.

The Foundation distributes resources to Mayers Memorial Hospital annually with funding received through grant projects, fundraising events, gift shop and thrift store proceeds, and by the generosity of its many donors. These six grant projects were funded by thrift store proceeds generated through committed volunteers. Managers at MMHD have the opportunity to apply for grants to fund various items needed in their departments. MMHD is fortunate to have the Foundation’s support in helping to provide the community with quality services.
Bulldogs on the Scent
by Natalie Osborne
Fall River High School Reporter
As the 2016-2017 school year kicks off, there are many new activities for students at Fall River High School. This year, the new Student Activities advisors are Theresa Neugebauer and Maggie Torres. Our ASB Leaders include: President, Laci Denny, Vice President and Events Coordinator, Madison Corder, Treasurer, Justin Vigil, Secretary, Alicia Reynoso, Reporter, Natalie Osborne, Boosters Representative, Meghan McKinley, School Board Representative,- Gunnar Ronquist, and Student IT and Media Directors, Chase Conner and Jackie Mendoza. This year; our goal is to get everyone more involved in school activities and to keep up the school spirit. Along with Student Council, there are many clubs for students to be involved in including FFA, Anime, Robotics, MESA, Song and Dance, Video Game, Interact, and Fine Arts.

This past weekend, the 41st Emblem F Volleyball Tournament was very successful. We have a very supportive Bulldog Family, and our fan club was amazing. This year’s Emblem F Mr. Volleyball was Johnny Iniguez, Mr. Spirit was Dwight May, International Princes were Pan Saingram and Paul Winter, Senior Princes were Stevie Collins and Gunnar Ronquist, Junior Prince was Zach Thompson, Sophomore Prince was John Dombroski, and Freshman Prince was Benito Perez.

This year we have the pleasure of welcoming two foreign exchange students to FRHS. Pan Saingram is a junior and lives in Thailand, and Paul Winter is also a junior and is from Germany. We are very excited to have more diversity in our students and to have different cultures brought to our school environment. Fall River High School would also like to welcome our new teacher Mrs. Teagan Teslow who is teaching our resource class this year. This year is off to a great start and we can‘t wait for the fun to come!.
Food Pantry Needs Food Donations
The Fall River Valley Chamber of Commerce has a food drive as part of the annual Music Series.

This year the FRVCC collect non-perishable otems for the Food Pantry run by Peggy Hansen located at Mayers Memorial Hospital’s River House.

Martha and Ken Fletcher delivered the food for the Chamber on Wednesday, September 14th. A photo of Peggy and Ken was snapped and hope the community will start donations for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It helps those families struggling to put food on the table. Contact the Food Pantry directly by calling (530) 336-5511 and ask for Peggy Hansen.
More Overflights Set
REDDING —Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) will be conducting a pre-winter helicopter patrol of electric distribution power lines and poles in remote areas of eastern Shasta County on Wednesday, September 21.

The flight will occur from about 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., weather permitting, near Round Mountain, Big Bend and nearby areas along the Pit River. Residents in these remote areas may notice a helicopter flying low to survey power lines. A helicopter will fly at approximately 250 to 300 feet.

Helicopter patrols are usually done in rural areas where power lines are not close enough to roads to patrol by vehicle or on foot. PG&E patrols remote power lines by helicopter as part of its continuing effort to ensure safety and reliability of its electric system.
Inter Mountain Fair 2016 Wrap Up
Cyana Iniguez
McArthur FFA Reporter
The McArthur FFA chapter had a victorious run at this year’s Intermountain Fair. The chapter entered a fair booth, several projects into the Agriculture Mechanics division, and had fifty eight livestock exhibitors with Swine, Lambs, and Steers. McArthur FFA members are required to have an SAE project, and many of our members choose to have projects that culminate at the Intermountain Fair. SAE stands for Supervised Agricultural Experience. The SAE program is a project that takes up the better part of the year and consists of projects or enterprises where you apply agricultural skills and knowledge taught in the classroom. There are six types of SAE; our students are most involved with Ownership/ Entrepreneurship and School based Enterprise. Most commonly raising Livestock projects for 5 to 9 months out of the year, or working on shop/lab projects that are exhibited and possibly sold at the fair.

There were thirty eight pigs entered in the market swine classes; ten lambs in the market lamb classes; and ten steers entered in the market steer classes. In the Swine division, Ruilly Horta exhibited the FFA Reserve Market Hog and Triston Welander exhibited the FFA Champion Hog and overall Supreme Champion Hog. In the sheep barn Robee Knoch exhibited the FFA Reserve Lamb and Cyanna Iniguez exhibited the FFA Champion Lamb and overall Reserve Supreme Lamb. In the Cattle Division Bailey Small exhibited the FFA Reserve Champion Steer and Wesley Woolery exhibited the FFA Champion Steer and overall Reserve Supreme Steer. In addition, the chapter had many FFA members place in the Showmanship Contest and compete in Round Robin. The Swine Showmanship winner was Natalie Osborne and Triston Welander placed 2nd. Lucas Warnock won Sheep Showmanship and Robee Knoch placed 2nd. In Beef Showmanship Wesley Woolery placed 2nd. All five of these exhibitors went on to compete in the Round Robin competition and were quite successful.

The Agriculture Mechanics division was divided into three different categories; Large Division, Rope Work, and Small Woodshop Projects. In the Large Division Gunnar Ronquist 1st place with his Chicken Coop, Cooper Easley 1st place with his Wagon Wheel Bench as well as Alicia Reynoso with her Make up Table. In the Rope Work division, John Dombroski and Jarron Barrios received blue ribbons. In the Small Woodshop Projects division Stevie Collins, Gavin Dobson, Jessica Hammon, and Tori Policastro all received blue ribbons. Something newly added to the Fair this year was the addition of Ag. Mechanic projects being sold in a Silent Auction. This provides our non traditional exhibitors an opportunity to not only gain recognition but some money for their efforts.

In conclusion the McArthur FFA Chapter would like to extend a big thank you to our community members, livestock buyers, the Intermountain Fair, and to the parents for their continuous dedication and support.
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