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8:33 a.m., Woods Avenue, Burney, a man called regarding hearing two shots coming from his neighbor’s property. He said he was concerned because there was an ongoing problem with the man shooting cats.

9:12 p.m., Orchard Way and Tamarack Street, Burney: A caller reported hearing a man and a woman yelling. The caller reported hearing “Put that knife away. I will kill you. Get back in the tent.” Then a chain saw was reved at its highest rpm for a minute or so.

11:16 p.m., Butte Street, Burney: A caller reported a man looking into windows and rattling doors, possibly trying to gain entry. The caller said the male was possibly on drugs.

Incidents reported to the
Shasta County Sheriff's Department
for Eastern Shasta County

(Including arrests involving residents of the Intermountain Area)

Individuals arrested are to be considered innocent until such time as they are tried in a court of law and convicted of a crime.

July 5

1:26 a.m., Burney Area: Deputies assisted Highway Patrol officers responding to a report of a subject in a gold SUV trying to run over a person in front of an apartment complex.

11:40 a.m., Pittville Totten Road, McArthur: A woman reported an individual called and told her she’d won a car and then wanting money from her.

1:42 p.m. Burney Area: A woman reported juveniles coming to the house and begging for food. She turned them away and their uncle came to the house and accused her of pushing the kids. She called to report the same thing a second time at 5:40 p.m.

2:56 p.m., A man reported that he had just pepper-sprayed another man who was yelling at his girl as she walked with the reporting party. 3:03 p.m., Burney Area, a caller reported a man staggering in and out of traffic carrying a red t-shirt and two males who had just come out of a vacant residence and were loitering on the street corner.

3:10 p.m., Cascade Avenue, Burney: A man reported keys and change had been taken from a vehicle during the night. Entry was made through the vehicle’s back slider that wouldn’t lock.

July 6

10:37 a.m., Sugar Pine Street, Burney. A man reported that two of his vehicles had been broken into overnight. One had been locked and one hadn’t.

10:39 a.m., Las Colinas Mobil Home Park, Burney: a woman reported a vehicle had been broken into. She said she has cameras.

10:30 a.m., Plumas Street, Burney: Vivent Alarm reported an active panic alarm. A male had told the alarm company that a disturbance between a male and female was going on.

10:44 a.m., Hudson Street, Burney: a man reported a petty theft.

July 7

2:31 a.m., A deputy did a patrol check at a homeless camp next to Gepettos Pizza, Burney.

8:26 a.m., Trinity Street, Burney. A man called and reported his son had been missing for two days. A bulletin was issued to be on the lookout for the missing man.

12:50 p.m. Deputies responded to the report of a suspicious male who came out of the woods and said he was lost and dehydrated. “Missing person bulletin.”

4:46 p.m., Fall River Area: A woman reported a sexual assault that she said occurred two weeks earlier.

9:58 p.m., Arrowood and Cypress, Burney: A woman reported that two males and a female, all juveniles, had been trying to break into her car. They left when the woman turned a light on them.

10:49 p.m., Fall River Valley area, a dirty male carrying a backpack was reported trespassing and looking into vehicle windows. He appeared to be high on drugs.

July 8

1:56 a.m., Mayers Memorial Hospital, Fall River Mills: Deputies arrested Cameron Bennett for resisting arrest.

4:46 a.m., Burney Sheriff’s Substation: A burglar alarm was reported at the Captain’s office door and detective room motion.

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