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Incidents reported to the
Shasta County Sheriff's Department
for Eastern Shasta County

(Including arrests involving residents of the Intermountain Area)

May 10

1:08 a.m. Rex Club property, Burney: Deputies arrested and booked George Norman Bautista on a warrant.

7:26 p.m., Hudson Street, Burney: A woman reported the petty theft of property from her former boyfriend’s property. She said she believes one of the deputies is familiar with the case and may have suspect information.
May 12

11:37 a.m., Holly Street, Burney: A woman reported that her son’s camera had been stolen the week before.

11:50 a.m., Pit River Health Clinic, An employee reported that a Pit Bull had bitten a person while that person was picking mushrooms.

3:52 p.m., Pit River Casino A woman reported that her medications were stolen by two men she had stopped to help at the Pit River Mini Mart. They had fled into the nearby woods on bicycles.

May 13

12:01 p.m., Woods Avenue, Burney: A man reported that a skunk had been on his property on and off for the past three days. He was concerned that the skunk might be rabid because it was out in the daylight.

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