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1:50 p.m., Fall River Mills area: A male reported that he was at a residence across from the little league park and that a male had been creating a disturbance until he found out that the reporting party was at the location. The suspect is now across the street waiting for the reporting party to leave, which he was about to do. He would like a welfare check on the residence after he leaves.

4:11 p.m., Grogan Street, Burney: A male requested a standby so he could get his vehicle.

5:03 p.m., Highway 299 near Hatchet Summit: Deputies assisted the Highway Patrol at the scene of a single vehicle accident.

5:19 p.m., Highway 299 at Hatchet Summit: Deputies assisted the Highway Patrol at the scene of another single vehicle accident.

6:44 p.m., Burney area: A caller reported having a problem with a neighbor who had mental problems. The female had been at the caller’s door a few minutes earlier making crazy statements.

7:07 p.m., Bridge Street, Fall River Mills: A male reported having an ongoing issue with a dog barking in the yard of a residence. The Pit-bull was chained in the front yard.

9:49 p.m., Woods Street, Burney: A caller reported that a fight had been going on at a location near Fir Street all day.

February 28

8:49 a.m., Dee Knoch Road, McArthur: A female reported that a female neighbor had just walked on her property. The court had ordered that they not speak to each other. She wants to make a citizen’s arrest.

10:17 a.m., Cottage Road, Big Bend: An animal control officer left a trap for a female to trap a dog under her porch. She is to call if she traps the dog.

11:53 a.m., Burney area: A caller reported an upstairs door to a residence as ajar. The owner was currently out of town.

12:13 p.m., Burney area: A caller reported an Indian woman and a white woman in a disturbance. The white woman appeared to have a stick.

12:57 p.m.: Highway 299, Burney: A woman reported the theft of a wallet and earrings while her cousin was at the residence.

8:48 p.m., Long Street, Fall River Mills: The Citizens Volunteer Patrol reported finding clothing, a tool box and duffel bag near the rest rooms at the community park.

9:53 p.m., Highway 299, Burney: A man reported losing his wallet.


Incidents reported to the
Shasta County Sheriff's Department
for Eastern Shasta County

(Including arrests involving residents of the Intermountain Area)

February 24

9:17 a.m., Highway 299, Round Mountain area: Compliance check.

9:18 a.m., Crews Way, Burney: A man reported that two dogs chased him. That dog is now possibly back in the owner’s apartment.

10:03 a.m., Highway 299, Round Mountain: Compliance check.

1:59 p.m., Highway 299 E, Fall River Mills: A male reported the theft of a 20’ jumper cable valued at $107.

3:34 p.m., Fall River Lodge, Highway 299 E, Fall River Mills: An employee stated that a deputy had just dropped an individual off at the lodge and that she was very unhappy about it.

3:44 p.m., Cassel/Fall River Road, Fall River Mills: A woman reported coming home and finding a neighbor on her property with a string tied to a tree as if he was marking his territory.

4:51 p.m., Burney Elementary School: A woman reported two to three juveniles in a disturbance.

6:16 p.m., Mountain View, Burney: A male reported that another male was at his home knocking on his window and refusing to leave.

6:34 p.m., Ontario Street, Burney: A man reported that juveniles had shut the power to his residence off by flipping the breaker. His mother is on oxygen and needs power to breath. He had restored the power.

7:04 p.m., Clusterwood Court, Burney: A male reported that a female possibly stole a gold necklace from his room.

7:15 p.m., Burney Veterinary Clinic, Highway 299E, Burney: An employee reported receiving a call from a female earlier in the day asking if she could drop a dog off. She had been told no. Now a passerby called and told her that a 70 lb. Pitt Bull was in a crate on the clinic’s doorstep. She went to the clinic and found that the dog was not friendly.

7:32 p.m., Highway 299, Fall River Mills: An unnamed subject was arrested and booked on a warrant.

February 25

11:16 a.m., Cypress, Burney: A man reported a disturbance between a male and female.

12:11 p.m., Clusterwood Court Burney: A woman reported juveniles were in a driveway across the street in a beat up blue pickup being loud. She thinks maybe the kids are on a break from the high school and is afraid they would speed to get back.

10:47 a.m., A probation search at 20351 Cedar Street in Burney led to the arrests of Ronald Ring for manufacturing controlled substances and the willful neglect of a child and Joy Montgomery on similar charges.

2:56 p.m., Sonoma Street, Johnson Park: A woman reported that her storage room had been burglarized in the past few days.

3:51 p.m., Mount Burney Towing, Main Street, Burney: Deputies investigated the possible theft to a vehicle.

6:2 p.m., Cedar Street, Burney: A woman called, said she was the owner of the property on Cedar Street where the earlier incident had occurred. She said she had received a call from a neighbor reporting that individuals were still coming and going from the residence.

February 26

9:31 a.m., Arrowood Street, Burney: A woman reported that her house had been egged.

10:44 a.m., Highway 299E, in the area: A male reported a business burglary.

11:39 a.m., Superior Avenue, Burney: A woman reported arguing with her husband had escalated. He had made vague threats of harming her with a gun. A second call came in at 1:24 p.m. The woman was at the sub-station and would wait to see a deputy there.

2:35 p.m., Highway 299, Burney: An Animal Control Officer picked up a Boxer Mix puppy estimated to be 8 weeks old wandering around the fire station. It possibly had Parvo.

2:44 p.m., Superior Avenue, Burney: Deputies performed a stand by for a woman whose husband had locked her out of the house.

3:53 p.m., Superior Avenue, Burney: The woman called to say that the deputy who had just left still had some of her paperwork.

3:03 p.m., Bakus Road and Highway 299, Montgomery Creek: Deputies performed a welfare check.

3:06 p.m., Crews Way, Burney: A female called, very upset. She reported having an ongoing problem with a female two properties away. The suspect was now outside the reporting party’s house yelling and screaming.

4:50 p.m., Long Street, Fall River Mills: A woman reported finding a shotgun shell on her front porch.

5:32 p.m., Tri Counties Bank, Fall River Mills: Deputies responded to a hold-up alarm.

8:43 p.m., Tamarack, Avenue, Burney: A woman reported that a male and female were drunk and trying to get in vehicles at the location. She said she and other individuals were in a disturbance with the suspects.

9:05 p.m., Burney area: A female reported a fight.

February 27

12:06 a.m., Intersection of Highway 299 and Highway 89: A deputy reported being in a pursuit.

1:10 a.m., Superior Street, Burney: A woman reported that her former husband was harassing her by text. He was supposed to be staying with his mother, but she had seen him drive by her residence twice.

1:27 a.m., Mayers Memorial Hospital, Fall River Mills: An employee reported that a man in the emergency room was hitting himself and yelling. He was possibly under the influence. The Physicians were asking for assistance with him.

11:11 a.m., Cottage Road, Big Bend: A woman reported that a brindle/pit-bull mix, was loitering around her house and under her porch for the past three days.  She would like the dog picked up.

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