"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

President Abraham Lincoln

It is funny how some things sound sweet while others just flat reach out and grab you, saying “how nice.”

It was around 9 p.m. yesterday. I’d been on and off the computer all day and I was fairly pooped.

Then I started typing Catherine Harris’s tribute to Joy Williams. I knew it was sweet before I started, but then it grabbed me.

It was so nice and so real.

Even me, as crusty as I am, was more than a little touched.

Catherine is quite a lady and obviously so was Joy.

The fall colors are coming out. I’ve had to put on a light jacket when I leave the house in the morning.

They’ve got a ways to go before they reach their full beauty, but it is nice to see them, not only because of their beauty but their turning also kinda signals the start of the end of fire season.

Who knows, we might even get some rain sooner or later.


I am not sure how a week goes by so fast! It really seems like I just turned in my column for last week. It could be that life has been very busy lately. I am in Sacramento getting ready for a conference for work and once again doing my column on my phone. I always have to give Walt a little disclaimer to please proof read this very well! It is kind of hard to see what I am typing on my phone since I can’t see very well anyway!

It has been a full and busy few days. We spent the weekend in the Reno/Loyalton area for my nephew’s wedding. The kids flew in from Nebraska and we got to spend the weekend with all of the kids. It was an amazing weekend!

Life lessons from a beautiful wedding and my beautiful little granddaughter were the highlights of my weekend.

My nephew Alex got married to his beautiful longtime girlfriend Mandy Fay. We have to say her middle name also because now we have two Mandys in the family.

Their wedding was exactly what a wedding should be. It was simple, it was sweet, it had the people there that needed to be there, and it was full of love. When I watched my nephew as his bride walk down the aisle and saw the emotion on his face, it definitely struck me that you can’t hide true love! They didn’t stress about all of the decorations and the fluff that goes with a wedding, they focused on having who they wanted there and most importantly the marriage and not the wedding. It was so simple and so beautiful and one of the nicest weddings I’ve ever been to.

The rest of the weekend was filled with time with the kids and our granddaughter. My heart was full! I was so impressed by my baby granddaughter who is 4 months old. The way she just went with the flow of the weekend, no matter what we were doing she was happy and she adapted to the situation. That was lesson number 2 of the weekend.

I barely got home from Reno after a fun filled weekend jumped in my coworker’s car, picked up a couple of other co-workers and headed to Sacramento for a conference. It is a very busy week but I will definitely take with me the lessons I learned over the weekend.


My Beautiful Friend

I first met my miss Joy Williams when I started to work at Chatty Kathy’s some years ago. This beautiful angel woman became close with me and I held on tight. It is not very often in this life you find a friendship as beautiful as Joy’s.

Every morning this woman would come through the back door of what is now my restaurant and grace me with my daily hugs and kiss. She would proceed to her chair at the table of wisdom and school all of the boys that sat at the table. She would sit every day and tell stories of feeding her skunks, foxes and any other woodland creature that was hungry. She was genuine when she asked how you were. She had an unconditional love that she shared with everyone she came across in life.

It is amazing how this tiny person can have such a large impact on someone’s life, but she sure did. She was my everyday friend and family. The one person in this life you can always depend on.

Sadly she passed on September 9th and it was truly a sad day to lose someone so beautiful and loving.

I look at the clock every morning at 7:00 a.m. and she should be at the door. It never mattered who you were, she showed you love and kindness. This beautiful woman will be so missed. She is an angel to many. This cafe will never be the same.

I would like to host a potluck in memory of Joy. It will be at Catherines Cafe in McArthur on September 30 at 3:00 p.m. Please bring a dish and a memory. This beautiful lady will be in our hearts forever.

I love you Joy William completely.
Love Catherine Harris


Fed Up

Fed up! We here at Hiway Garage know that you are absolutely fed up with how the criminals keep getting turned loose into the community.  We have been a victim of Moe’s activities, so we have been watching his multiple cases. He had a court date yesterday for eleven of thirteen of his cases. Today, we checked the In Custody listing and nearly all of his cases have been dismissed!!! We are outraged and we think the community should know how badly our justice system has failed!!!
Linda Bailey


Totally Disgusted
I agree with your article and just had to let you know it!! I’m totally disgusted, Monday evening I got a ticket, a cell phone ticket!! On the ticket it reads the location as Hwy 299 & Roff. I was pulled over across from Gephettos. My frustration is in the fact that the officer assumed I was on my cell phone because (his words were) “[I] was looking down too long”!! At no time from the point that I left McDonald’s until the traffic light in front of Dollar General was I on my cell phone!! I had just bought a soda, was putting the straw in, also opened a snack size bag of chips, and broke a finger nail!!! By the time I was at the light, the light was red and then I picked up my phone, but as soon as it turned green I chucked it into the passenger seat. This is when he pulled me over. Then he proceeded to tell me not to worry that it wouldn’t go to DMV and it wouldn’t affect my insurance, but “oh ya, of course there’s going to be a fine”…..

If they would put that much effort into “harassing” the thugs on the streets, in the woods, stealing from Safeway, doing drugs next to Dollar General, robbing people in JP, dealing drugs…. ya, I think Burney would be a nicer place again.

The problem with harassing those people is – there’s no money in it. They are getting the money from us by assuming we are going to do something that warrant giving tickets. Must be quota season…… Destiny Taveras


Thank You
We are humbled by the response of the community and all the local and district services that came in to look for Lyn, and those who provided food, so we would eat. It was amazing. We are grateful to have had you all here. Know you made a difference. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.
The Lyn Palmer Family.





Senator Barbara Boxer
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