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"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

President Abraham Lincoln

I had a nice lawn. I took a lot of pride in that lawn. Living in Johnson Park and having Del Oro service it cost me way more than it should have to keep it watered and green.

Then the Governor decided to put the screws to everyone, including those of us who live in the rural mountainous area of far northern California.

We are part of the state and thus probably should do our share to help the rest of the state out.

However that theory is fairly one sided.

I wouldn’t mind having a completely brown yard that basically stripped me of a whole lot of pride in ownership, if it really meant anything.

Shortly after the State dictated that we had to look like every other ghetto in the state, They had a major water main break for a loss of millions of gallons of water at one of the universities . Shortly after that they had a similar water main break in the Bay Area.

The state stole the pre 1914 water rights from farmers and ranchers statewide.

We get our water from one of the largest aquafers in the state if not west coast. Were our ranchers and farmers water rights the first restored. Hell no. But Central California has had a couple of their restored.

In the last couple of weeks there was a list of the water abusers, primarily large corporations and billionaires who don’t give a damn and who can afford to pay the fines.

Then I turn on the TV and see the news clip of a tourist bus running wild through downtown someplace in the cities. It had apparently had a malfunction and the driver tried to stop it by steering it into road barriers at a construction site.

It didn’t work because the barriers were actually plastic water containers and whoever was supposed to have maintained them hadn’t. They were supposed to be filled with tons of water but had sprung leaks.

That did make me fairly angry. Instead of using concrete barriers it had been okay for the company to use water filled barriers when people have to let their lawns die and can’t raise crops Every one of those barriers at one time filled by enough water to have kept my lawn and every other lawn in the Intermountain Area green, and had allowed it to leak out.

Then they wonder why we have so little use for our government, its officials, and its laws.

Shame on them!

It’s turkey time!

Aside for the variety of pies to look forward to this week, I am also looking forward to a short workweek, lots of family visiting and the turkey and mashed potatoes! Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we are bringing back a tradition from years ago. When the kids were small we used to always have my extended family including my aunt and uncle, cousins, their spouses and all of the kids at our house for the weekend of Thanksgiving. Life has been busy, we have all been raising kids and we haven’t done this on well over 10 years. We decided it was time to do it again. It will be interesting, as all of the kids are grown now. There will be a lot of food, a lot of sleeping bags and a lot of fun! I am really looking forward to this family fun chaos! Fortunately, I provide the house and my Aunt Bee organizes all of the food. This is something I am thankful for!

We were in Redding the other day and made it over to watch the Big Valley-Redding Christian championship football game. It was quite a game. The Big Valley athletes should be proud of their accomplishments this season. They are a quality group of kids. I was really impressed with the number of fans that made it to the game. It was fun to see some fellow alumni and get to catch up. I even saw one of my high school teachers, Steve Main. He was our English teacher, my public speaking coach, and track and volleyball coach. He is still coaching and teaching in the Redding area, but always seems to make time for his past students and Big Valley.

Fall River fans will need to pack plenty of coats, hats and gloves as they head to Portola this week for the Division Championship game. I think it is going to be COLD! Good luck Bulldogs!

Congratulations to the Fall River Volleyball team for capturing the Division 6 Volleyball title. Good luck as you move on to the next level.

The extended seasons will cut into basketball practice, but don’t forget that the Block F Tournament is right around the corner.

Another event to mark your calendars for is the 20-year celebration of Mayers Memorial Burney Annex. The facility has been in operation for 20 years and would like to invite the public to celebrate with them in December 4th at the Annex in Burney. Check the Mayers website for more information.

Calendars are going to start filling up and the year is going to draw to a close. There are a lot of great and worthwhile activities coming up. Please let me know anything you might want to get the word out about.

I hope you all have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I’m on a mosquito abatement board and have been for somewhere around 35 years, so I’m fairly passionate about making sure those folks in my district get the best control and fewest mosquitoes possible.

I’m also a reporter and nothing makes me madder than to be stonewalled or kept from getting facts that the general public really needs to know because it is politically correct.

When West Nile Virus came on the scene, Mike Churney, then manager of the Burney District explained just how devastating the virus can be. Since I know Mike and know he doesn’t exaggerate or lie, I took it to heart.

Then the Shasta County Health Department became involved in hording statistics.

In the following years they would, on occasion tell us there had been a case in Shasta County.

That really fed the flames because other counties would routinely say what city or area it was in when they had a case.

I’d tell them that the County was a big area, that I reported for a rural portion of the county and could give a damn less what happened in Redding. I needed to know if the case was in Eastern Shasta County.

Their approach was that it was too bad, they didn’t even tell the manager if it was in his district. I wasn’t going to get it either.

Finally, when I didn’t bother to report on it, they began to tell us if it was in the city, I-5 area, western or eastern area.

I heard on the grapevine that we had a case in the Fall River Valley. That the man, who happened to be a customer, had been admitted to the hospital and finally transferred to Redding which fell in a plausible scenario. I checked with sources at Mayers and they claimed not to have heard anything.

I checked with Rick Dougherty, now manager of my district and he hadn’t heard anything.

Then I went to a meeting Wednesday and Dougherty told me he had heard from sources in the Redding area that indeed we had a case in Fall River Mills.

I kinda came unglued.

So Friday I called Dr. Deckert who heads the Health Department and true to most county departments on Friday got answering machines.

So I told the answering machine who I was, what I wanted and what I thought of them and the situation.

Then, finally desperate enough to do my job the right way, called the victim of the virus.

He had no problem with me using his name. Told me everything I needed to know. That was when I found out he had contracted the virus in Magalia and had been hospitalized at Enlow in Chico.

Needless to say I then called Deckert’s office back and actually reached a real person, a pleasant young woman who thankfully hadn’t heard my message, but promised to convey my apologies to Deckert.

However, HIPPA be damned, the Shasta County Health Department is hiding behind it, saying they might violate a patient’s privacy by saying a victim is male and lives in the Intermountain Area. That is silly and the problem is that if people know that there is a case in the immediate area they will undoubtedly take precautions they might not otherwise take. It is absolutely ludicrous that they won’t tell the managers so extra attention can be brought to bear on an area the manager wasn’t aware of.

Person on the Street
How long should it take to build a bridge?

“Due to the humanity side of the issue we need federal attention brought to it some how due to the potential harm due to the lack of (emergency) response time.”
Javier Chico
Day Road

“I watched them build the Benicia Martinez Bridge over the San Francisco Bay in three years. So the Pit River should take a private contractor four months.”
Toby Corder

“No more than a year! However, when you are dealing with the goverment and state it will take a lot longer”
Donna Hamilton

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Thank You
Thank you to all of you who offered thoughts and prayers to all of us at the passing of Lois Brown.

We want to thank the staff or all of the patience and thoughtful care they gave her during her stay at Mayers.

Thank you, Dr. Dahle, for everything you did for Lois and her family.

We want to say thank you to the Hat Creek Fire Department for making the reception so nice.

It makes us appreciate living in a small community and knowing there are so many caring people offering support of a loved one and their families.
Dave & Jim Brown and extended families
Judie Carpenter and extended family




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