"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

President Abraham Lincoln

I wonder what George Orwell would think of the current media and Internet crisis in the world, specially her in the United States.

In his classic “1984” he wrote about Big Brother having two-way televisions (Computer Monitors”) in every house and tracking the citizen’s interactions at home as well as work.

He also wrote about Big Brother who was for all practical purpose omnipotent with the power to arrest, incarcerate and (torture) their subjects to make them change their ways as they saw fit.

His book came out while the Soviet Union-and their brand of communism was at its height. He had lived through the times involving the fascists, and other hate mongers. All of which tortured to control and were advocates of Socialism where everyone was equal except the ruling class which had it made.

The book really made you think.

If he were alive today would he be writing about the hidden but obvious dangers of the Media twisting the news to fit their own agenda?

Would he write about the unreasoned hate mongering and pandering of both sides of the media?

Would he write about both sides ignoring most of t he local news like a major bank robbery or vehicle crash in the city they are stationed in (unless it involved so many people they couldn’t ignore it) to report that President Trump went to the bathroom? The one side had a picture of him pulling his pants up while the other refused to admit that he had even had to go to the bathroom?

Would he write about the newscasters reading only what their “producers” wrote, regardless of what it said, without question? Would they write about the producers taking their orders from faceless and nameless power mongers above them without question?

Would he speculate on which shadowy group of media moguls behind the scene would win and sway the masses to do their bidding when it reaches a point when no intelligent person would run for President only to be ineffectual and unproductive because of the continuous war to destroy him and his party?

Would George Orwell take on Face Book and the Internet in general because of the addiction of the masses and their ability to put whatever they wanted on their blog and a certain amount of idiots would believe their inane attacks without question?

I’m sure Orwell would have a field day and name it “2019.”

The addiction of the masses in “1984” was pornography. That might transfer to “2019,” but the Internet would also play a big role.

Where is another George Orwell when you really need him?


Isn’t it amazing how you can hear a song from 40 years ago and instantly start singing along, but you can’t remember where you put your phone or keys? We were listening to 70’s music the other day on the satellite radio and song after song came on that sent me straight back to my pre-teen years. The funny thing is, I could sing along, word for word, to most of them.

I could just picture myself sitting in the back seat of my parent’s green Pinto station wagon with my sister. The AM radio tuned into whatever we could get, playing my mom and dad’s favorite music. There was an 8-track tape player also, so occasionally we would listen to those. I am sure my taste in music was influenced by my parents; but when I hear it now I like it. They must have had pretty good taste.

 I can also remember asking what certain words and phrases meant and clearly remember my mom not telling me the entire truth. Funny thing is, the words and phrase used in the 70’s and 80’s were nothing compared to the language we hear in some of today’s music.

Music is such a great thing. It is a memory trigger, it can make you laugh and cry, it like a time capsule. Every once in a while I really enjoy tuning the radio to 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and Classic Rock. Not only does it take me back in time; it shows me that my memory does work! I might not be able to remember where my car keys are, but I will sure be able to sing a little Chicago, Bad Company, Boston or Carly Simon when I get in the car and tune in the radio!
The Purpose of this Letter
Editor: The purpose of this letter is to hopefully provide clarity and reassurance to students, parents, and community members that, contrary to what you may be reading or hearing, schools of our Fall River Joint Unified School District are doing very well. Biased, one sided reporting can be alarming, damaging, and difficult to defend, especially when, based on Administrative Regulation 1340, the district cannot comment on personnel or student issues. I believe most people understand that every story has “two sides.”

Student safety is always top priority in our district. District Policies, governed by both Education Code and Administrative Regulations, provide guidance and instruction which help insure student and employee safety. These policies include Student Discipline, Employee Security, Weapons and Dangerous Instruments, and Anti-Bullying. Mandated topics which employees are required to complete yearly include Child Abuse Reporting, Sexual Harassment, and Suicide Prevention, as well as a number of other mandates. The district has also been proactive in preparation for an intruder on campus, establishing board policy for the Active Shooter Emergency Response Plan. Additionally, professional development has been held for employees to help create a comfortable learning environment by recognizing and assisting students in trauma, encouraging and developing student equity, and implementing practices from the renown “Capturing Kids Hearts” program. Personnel has been added to assure that student supervision and emotional support is available as well.

The measures and efforts listed in the above paragraph do not exempt our district from problems faced in every school throughout the country. Regardless of efforts to create rigorous yet nurturing learning environments, students will occasionally have problems with others, which, if persistent, can lead to bullying. Our district schools and governing board take bullying very seriously. Once reported or witnessed, the problem is dealt with expeditiously and fairly. We also empower our students with strategies to alleviate the problem themselves to prepare them for the future. Unfortunately, in today’s world, bullying now includes “cyber bullying,” which, through social media, is becoming rampant. Please remember it’s essential bullying is reported—either by students or parents—to an adult at school. Our goal is toalways work together to help students stay happy, healthy, and prepared for life after school. Looking back over the last four decades—37 of which I have been an employee of this district—I see a many great things which occur in our classrooms and throughout our schools each day. While it is a widely known fact that “bad news sells,” I would encourage anyone to walk into any of our district schools to witness true learning, deep compassion, and total engagement of our staff in the common goal of students being able to leave the classroom enlightened and inspired with knowledge and strategies that will help them succeed in any path they choose to take.
Sincerely, Greg F. Hawkins Superintendent

Editor’s Note: The problem with what Mr. Hawkins is saying is that the school district is hiding behind the laws. I challenge him to tell the people who have been wronged - what actually transpired and what steps are being taken to make sure it doesn’t happen again. As it is, two upstanding families had major problems with the Burney Schools and you can’t talk about it. Bull pucky. You can’t tell the victim’s parents when their child is abused? You can’t make damned sure their child isn’t the victim of bullying. Give me a break. People come to a newspaper as a last resort. That means all else failed.


District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett

In reading that Stephanie Bridgett, District Attorney, has elected to re-try Juan Venegas a third time, I am not surprised but, none-the-less, disappointed.

“I am not surprised,” as Stephanie seems to harbor a narcissistic, anti-social and self-imposed legacy to protect, as revealed in her public boasts of “not having lost a case.”. DA conviction rates dictate professional advancement and the probability they will be awarded status and power to wear a “Black Nighty” (I contend the “Nighty” should be white if they were God-fearing) and set upon an elevated thrown/altar from which they can look down upon those they intend to control.

When a prosecutor can keep trying and re-trying a case, until a jury is sufficiently manipulated to finally deliver a unanimous guilty verdict—why not keep it up until you get what you want? WELL, there are many reasons both constitutionally/legally and spiritually that prohibit such unrestrained terrorization upon We the People! There is a part of all people, who have not “sold” or surrendered their souls in fear of force and coercion by false gods appearing as “authorities”, that cries out, “THIS IS NOT RIGHT OR RIGHTEOUS!”

The jury is “manipulated” you say? Yes, there are numerous legal (euphemism for sophistry and chicanery) devices (Motions and objections) to prevent the jury from getting all of the unadulterated facts that will weigh upon the judgment for which THEY, the jury, shall be both legally and morally responsible. (Bet the jury was not informed the DA broke a court-ordered seal (two times) and altered/destroyed evidence, the yellow rain suit, containing DNA! When brought to the attention of the “Black-Nighty” she says, “Yes, the DA got caught—but no harm”—REALLY?!)

I said I was “none-the less disappointed” in Stephanie’s decision to re-re-try Mr. Venegas, as it appears to communicate her motives: The Constitution be damned, Taxpayers be damned, Accused’s (presumed innocent) and family be damned! For over 2000 years we have turned our collective backs and ignored the message of the “Wayshower” to supplant the commandments of man entrenched in the earthly kingdoms of power, force, coercion, glory (narcissistic) and status (the false mandate to control another) for the Kingdom of Truth and Rightness dictated by love, kindness, mercy and forgiveness. Maybe Stephanie and all of us should give it a try. The chants of the long-deceased Roman Empire of Law (man’s), Order (man’s) and Just-US have FAILED MISERABLY!!
Tim Kersten


Totally Disgusted
I agree with your article and just had to let you know it!! I’m totally disgusted, Monday evening I got a ticket, a cell phone ticket!! On the ticket it reads the location as Hwy 299 & Roff. I was pulled over across from Gephettos. My frustration is in the fact that the officer assumed I was on my cell phone because (his words were) “[I] was looking down too long”!! At no time from the point that I left McDonald’s until the traffic light in front of Dollar General was I on my cell phone!! I had just bought a soda, was putting the straw in, also opened a snack size bag of chips, and broke a finger nail!!! By the time I was at the light, the light was red and then I picked up my phone, but as soon as it turned green I chucked it into the passenger seat. This is when he pulled me over. Then he proceeded to tell me not to worry that it wouldn’t go to DMV and it wouldn’t affect my insurance, but “oh ya, of course there’s going to be a fine”…..

If they would put that much effort into “harassing” the thugs on the streets, in the woods, stealing from Safeway, doing drugs next to Dollar General, robbing people in JP, dealing drugs…. ya, I think Burney would be a nicer place again.

The problem with harassing those people is – there’s no money in it. They are getting the money from us by assuming we are going to do something that warrant giving tickets. Must be quota season…… Destiny Taveras


Thank You
We are humbled by the response of the community and all the local and district services that came in to look for Lyn, and those who provided food, so we would eat. It was amazing. We are grateful to have had you all here. Know you made a difference. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.
The Lyn Palmer Family.





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