"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

President Abraham Lincoln

I was sitting in my usual chair B.S.ing with Rick, Dana, Chad and Bill. My seat doesn’t have a direct view of the doorway and I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention.

We have had five or six visitors at meetings in the 40 years I’d been on the Burney Basin Mosquito Abatement District. A couple of those were from County Auditor-Controllers making their rounds, one was from the wife of an employee who was being fired, one was from a forester who was claiming we were killing good bugs along with the bad, and a student from a class in journalism I was teaching at the time.

A lot of other district routinely have more people at each meeting than we’d have in all my years.

It should have alerted me when my wife, Donna, came in and sat down, but it didn’t. It should have alerted me when retired District Manager, Mike Churney came in and sat down. It should have alerted me when Alex Covin, our reporter and his wife came in and sat down.

I hadn’t asked any of them to attend the meeting which was going to be routine.

No flags went up in my mind. Nothing registered. They had all made plausable excuses for being there. The board president, Abe, came in and sat down. Then a young man introduced as Simon Watson, came in. He was well groomed, had a sports coat and polished leather shoes on.

That made me uspicious. Something was going on, but it wasn’t until he took over and mentioned my name that I realized I had been had.

Simon introduced himself as an Aid to State Assemblyman Brian Dahle and said he was also standing in for Shasta County Supervisor Mary Rickert who was out of town on County business and couldn’t be there in person.

He spent the next few minutes reading a certificate of appreciation from the State Assembly and a plaque from the County board of Supervisors boosting the heck out of my ego to the point I didn’t think they were talking about me.

I am extremely honored and blessed to be honored by Donna, Alex, Linda, Abe, Mike, Rick, Dana, Chad, Bill and especially Mary Rickert, the Board of Supervisors, Assemblyman Brian Dahle and the Assembly. Thank you all folks


I have an old mug sitting on the shelf in the kitchen. I don’t even use it anymore. The “mushroom mug” doesn’t look like it is anything special. But it is…my nana Alice gave this to me. It was my favorite mug as a child to drink hot chocolate out of when I was at her house. I am headed down this week to visit my 95 year old Nana, so I thought this is very appropriate.

What does my mushroom mug mean to me?

Memories of going to Nana Alice and Bopa Bill’s house after church every Sunday, having hamburgers and ice cream sandwiches.

Memories of wearing nana’s high heel shoes.

Memories of sitting in my nana’s spare bedroom looking through her jewelry drawer.

Memories of smelling nana’s homemade cinnamon bread and getting to have the first warm slice.

Memories of her really cool bottle brush tree in the back yard.

Memories of nana letting me move her blue rotary phone out of the bedroom into the TVroom so I could call my cousin while watching cartoons.

Memories of my grandpa giving me a quarter to change the channel from my show so he could watch the 49ers play. Memories of my grandpa playing endless games of “Go Fish” with me and teaching me how to play solitaire.

Memories of sitting on the front porch eating peanut butter and crackers and having my own full glass bottle of coca-cola.

Memories of nana decorating our choice of cake for our birthdays. I had some cool doll cakes. Memories of the NBC Peacock and that NBC sound...that was the channel they watched every night.

Memories of my grandpa bringing me home colored telephone wire so I could make bracelets.

So you see, my mushroom mug wasn’t only to drink hot chocolate or coffee with LOTS of sugar...I look at that mug and a flood of simple childhood memories with my grandparents come back. My grandpa passed away when I was 16, I am blessed to have my nana in my life still. I will forever cherish these memories, nana will never know how much it meant that she gave me that mushroom mug!

An Amazing TEAM!
Note: For the third time, MMHD has assisted another facility when they had to evacuate their patients/residents. We accepted 12 patients from Lassen Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Susanville after they had a building fire. Following is a note to our staff from our CEO, Louis Ward.

“Once again, I am amazed with your talents and compassion for each other, complete strangers, and of course our patients when others are in need. The teamwork I observed over the past 24 hours is a testament to this staff’s caring nature and desires to excel when called upon. Collectively this TEAM is special, when we are unified with a single purpose it is evident to me and others who observe and work with us that anything can be achieved, even with the immense stress a day like today brings. It is our preparation that affords us the ability to take that “deep breath” and tackle the task at hand.

“I spoke with the Administrator of Lassen Nursing and Rehab tonight and the entire team there would like to pass on their appreciation to all of you!

“I would like to thank each and every one of you. You are all amazing. For those of you that were not directly asked to assist with the transfer event, you too are owed a thank you from all of us, many of you worked short as your co-workers assisted in the transfer. It is our confidence in everyone at Mayers getting the job done that allows us to stretch ourselves in times that others need our help! We have now come to the aid of others three times! This is only possible because of all of you who make up this fantastic TEAM MAYERS, I am so proud to be a part of something this special!

On behalf of the entire Administration, THANK YOU Team Mayers for once again showing our community and our neighboring communities that we truly are......”Always Caring, Always Here”


Letters of Support Needed
Assemblyman Dahle has introduced Assembly Concurrent Resolution 202 (ACR 202), which would designate a mile or so section of Highway 299E as the Robert “Bob” Thompson Memorial Highway. The family is working on fundraising for the signage as required.

I am writing to ask you to submit a letter of support for the resolution which paves the way for the designation. Each of you knew Bob in various capacities, either as a member, director, supporter or helping hand.

I am attaching two items: a copy of the ACR language and a DRAFT letter for your use should you so desire. My conversations with Cheri West, Assemblymember Dahles’ senior legislative staffer, have indicated that the resolution will probably be heard sometime between the second week of April and the third week of May. Knowing your organizations all have time frames for meetings and making these types of decisions, I thought it best to get it out to you now, so you can schedule it and get it on your meeting calendars if necessary.

Please either snail mail a hard copy of the letter to the address on my draft letter, or email to cheri.west@asm.ca.gov. Also, feel free to pass this along to anyone who may want to weigh in. Assemblymember Dahle doesn’t expect opposition, however that’s a weird world down there so any and all support letters would be appreciated. Some of you cover several organizations, so if you can contact each group that would be appreciated. Feel free to contact me for copies of the documents mentioned or with any questions or clarifications. pam@hatcreekgrown.com or 530-335- 7016.
Pam Giacomini Pam@hatcreekgrown.com Hat Creek California www.hatcreekgrown.com


I'm Mad as Hell!Shop Locally
I’m mad as Hell ! Aren’t you? So why isn’t our California Governor Brown, and/or the Lt. Governor of California, and/or the Attorney General of California, and the Mayor of Oakland, California behind bars! What’s with our State’s DOUBLE STANDARD! I’m offended and embarrassed living in a state where “illegal” offenders can seek sanctuary and get it. Those who offer sanctuary are BREAKING THE LAW! Those who advocate sanctuary for “illegal” offenders are also BREAKING THE LAW? And worse, those who warn “illegal” offenders are not only BREAKING THE LAW, but put our peace officers at risk when they do their job to uphold the law?

As a retiree of the California Department of Corrections, I’ve worked among prisoners, some just plain stupid, to some of the most cunning and violent offenders, whom I’m happy to say are secured in prison and away from society. However, if any of these prisoners escape and I agree to help them by offering sanctuary, you can bet, I would not only be OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE but I would also be BREAKING THE LAW and subject to prompt arrest!!

So, what can we do about this? Some may advocate, ‘Well, if you don’t like what’s happening in our state, move out of California.’ HA? This is my home. I’ve been here longer than the aforementioned politicians, and I’m not a quitter. I’m staying and fighting. Others may advocate, ‘We could vote them out at the next election.’ That’s a given as far as I’m concerned, but who wants to wait. Why not impeach these rascals before more harm to our state is incurred. We are already looking at federal restrictions of funds, federal lawsuits, and further negligence by those in power at the state level for blatant disregard of laws on the federal level. Federal laws were put into place to protect the people of the United States of America. Since when has California seceded? Do we still have a voice in our state?!
Gwenn Rickman


Guns Don't Kill People
Guns don’t kill people - People kill people Unless we ban all guns from the face of the earth (a ridiculous idea, of course) those who wish to acquire one in order to commit a crime will do so. Buy one? Sure, on the black market (no gun laws there as far as I know. Or steal one (no gun laws apply there either).

My point being, say a 16-year-old wants to shoot up his school, and then he remembers the law says he can’t purchase a gun til he’s 21. Do you really think that would stop him from acquiring a gun somehow and carrying out his plans? Not!

This letter is in response to the students everywhere who are protesting against all the gun violence (specifically the school shootings), and the lack of stricter gun laws. Just one question for you: How many of you have befriended an outcast in your school? AKA, loner? not your equal economically, socially Maybe you’ve even been a party of bullying or ridiuling. Get my drift? No? Then add paragraphs 1,2,3 and 4 and you will.
Alice J. Conleyn






Senator Barbara Boxer
1700 Montgomery St. St 240,

San Francisco, CA 94111


Senator Dianne Feinstein
One Post St. Ste 2450
San Francisco, CA 94104

Rep John Doolittle

4230 Douglas Blvd, Ste 200

Granite Bay, CA 95746


Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa
2865 Churn Creek Rd. Ste. B
Redding, CA 96002

Senator Sam Aanestad

777 Cypress Ave.

Redding, CA 96001

Rep Wally Herger
55 Independence Cir, Ste 104,
Chico, CA 95973

 Supervisor Brian Dahle

Supervisor Dave Bradshaw
155 Co. Rd. 90



Supervisor Glenn Hawes
1815 Yuba Street

Redding, CA 96001