"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

President Abraham Lincoln
When it comes to the arrest in the David Wicks case everyone should be rejoicing.

The detectives and deputies did one hell of a job. They didn’t let community pressure for a quick solution or anything else get in the way of doing it right. Nor did they rush to judgment.

They took almost a month to solve a high profile case and it took that long because the time was needed.

They did a lot of leg work, expended a tremendous amount of manpower, kept the investigation close to their vests, waited for the state’s crime lab to identify the DNA profile, presented it to the District Attorney’s office for a warrant, located and waited for their suspect and took him into custody without incident.

The evidence thus far collected according to the facts of the arrest, indicate that Juan Manuel Venegas committed the murder of David Wicks.

The Sheriff’s Department is making sure there isn’t anything that they might have missed. The investigation is ongoing and we’ll know if anything else important comes out.

The Sheriff’s Department has and is doing their job as it should be.

The problem lies not with them, but with a certain percentage of the population that out of anger, helplessness, or just plain nastiness, are not content to let things along

Those people are carrying things too far. They want blood and don’t care who gets hurt in the process or why.

The system demands that Venegas goes through the justice system, to be tried and if found guilty sentenced and punished. That is as it should be. If anyone else is found to have had any part in it, they will face the same consequences - again, as it should be.

There is absolutely no sane reason for people to get on social media or anything else and threatening, belittling, harassing, degrading or tormenting people who have no guilt, no part, no more knowledge of the crime than anyone else.

I remember a vicious, hateful, horrific crime that occurred in the early 1980’s - Bill Proctor of Johnson Park was found guilty of raping, torturing and murdering Burney Elementary School Teacher Bonnie Stendal.

He had a brother, sister and mother, all of them good people. All of them innocent of any wrong doing. Bill happened to be a “Bad Apple.” Shortly after the trial, they moved away.

Why? They didn’t do anything.

David Wicks was a friend to a lot of us.

He was a good, decent, religious man who led a good life.

How do you think he would feel if he read the hateful garbage that has been posted on Face Book or the innuendo that seeps through the community.

He would be more than embarrassed, he would be ashamed of you!

Love and remember David. Don’t blindly hate or harass innocent people.

Over the weekend, admittedly I was a little disheartened by all of the negativity and bantering I saw on social media. As I sat down to write my column that was what I wanted to write about. I changed my mind, in the spirit of Blue Skies and keeping things positive, I decided to tell a funny memory I was thinking about. I hope it makes you smile!

I was much younger and much faster...good thing! We were walking down the driveway to our first home. We were chatting and not paying much attention to our surroundings. As we came around the corner and our little house was in sight...there he was...a fat little skunk by the rail pile along the driveway. It was just about dusk and time for the little varmints to come out. I wasted no time. My husband didn’t see the skunk, but I made him aware that he was there.

“SKUNK!” I screamed as loud as I could. I then took off at a dead sprint never looking back, as I knew the skunk had to be right behind me! I couldn’t hear anything but my feet hitting fast against the gravel driveway. I have no idea how fast I got there, but I ran past our house, around the corner and down the driveway before I could hear the faint sound of my husband’s voice. “Val, Val, Stop!” He hollered. “Stop, are you kidding?” I thought. Getting sprayed by a skunk was the last thing on my list for the day.

My husband finally caught up to me laughing hysterically. I am not sure if he was laughing because of the skunk or just plain surprised I could run that fast. I was completely out of breath and now quite a ways past our house. I looked around and didn’t see the skunk anywhere. Apparently, I scared the skunk more than he scared me and he didn’t chase me at all. I ran for no reason. My husband watched from behind as I had to of set some kind of world record.

This memory of when we first got married will always stick with me. Moral of the story...Don’t keep running, there may not be anything chasing you!

Thank You

First I want to thank my boy’s, David and Cory, and family for being there when I needed them; my freind Carol Poytress for taking care of me for 2.5 weeks after surgery and that was a job.

Also Thank my people from the shop (Kutting Edge Salon) for being so understanding till I got back to work on the 3rd of Janauary; and everyone for all my calls and cards plus the anonymous givet that was so gratefully appreciated!
Thanks to Everyone





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