"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

President Abraham Lincoln
I went to a 4-H demonstration day in Burney last Saturday and it was so refreshing.

I am forever railing about the people who wander up and down my street at all time of the day and night, going to the house on the end of the block and coming back a few moments later.

Others, high on whatever, or off their meds ,wander the street waving their arms and dressed in t-shirts in frigid weather. Not to hard to tell that they are on something other than aspirin.

For the most part they are dirty, sloppily dressed, unkempt and not someone you’d want to get close enough to smell.

But there are those refreshing times, times too often overlooked or missed entirely - those times when I get to see the top 20-30% of the other side of the coin, the young people who will make our futures bright.

Every-once-in-awhile I have the privelege of going to a 4-H or FFA or Scouting event and see what our leaders of tomorrow really look and act like and it is impressive.

Those young people don’t glare at the adults. They are neat, clean, well mannered, intelligent beyond their years, confident and sure of themselves.

I’m equally impressed to see the adults that are there helping, teaching and guiding them.

True, I know some mighty fine young folks that aren’t exposed to a lot of adult involvement, but it is so much easier for those who have it.

I just want to say thank you to the kids who think enough of themselves and their futures to open themselves to the opportunities that will make them successful and to the adults who bend over backwards to guide them. You are what our society and our future is all about.

He sounded mad and I was sure someone was going to be fired. He was a gruff guy and I was intimidated...

It was my first night of work and I was nervous. I was delivering pizzas in a college town. This wouldn’t be that bad in today’s world, but 1986 it was a different story. There were no cell phones, no GPS...only a big map on the wall and an address in hand.

Pizzas to be delivered were put in an insulated carrying case. This pizza parlor featured the giant sized party pizza. At the time I drove a 2-seater Honda and the party pizza barely fit in the back of my car.

It actually turned out to be a great job. I made an hourly wage plus $2 per pizza delivered for gas and any tips. On a weekend night, driving a car that got 40 miles per gallon, I made pretty good wages for a college kid. We mostly delivered to families, because the pizzas were a little more expensive. There were the occasional college student deliveries. These were not my preference, since the college kids didn’t tip too well.

So back to the mad boss...

“Who did this?” he hollered. I looked over and wondered what he was talking about. As I caught a glimpse of what he was talking about, I knew my first night would be my last. “Who stood this party pizza on it’s side?” Oh boy, it was me! I had sat it down and it didn’t even dawn on me that a pizza stood on it’s side would slide to the bottom of the box. Pizzas need to be kept flat!

I was just about to take the blame, as it was my rookie mistake. Before I could get the words out, one of the other employees said, “Oh sorry Hector, that was me, it won’t happen again.” The boss grumbled and instructed a new one to be made.

I thanked the other employee...He said, “No problem, we get to eat this pizza now. Just remember, pizzas don’t have legs!”

Was it Really Necessary?
Editor: Imagine going away on vacation and coming back to find your home destroyed, that will happen to at least 12 pairs of Osprys when they return to Cassel in March and find that PG&E has destroyed all their nests that have been there for 20 years or more. What a sad day for them and for us. We always enjoy watching them raise their babies.
Russ, Helen, Kelsey, Hunter, Kolten, Lydia and Easton

Thank You
Our family would like to thank our friends and the community for all their love and support since Russ’s accidident. We would like to thank everyone for coming and supporting us at the dinner that our amazing friends put together. It was absolutely amazing to see all our friends come to see us. We are just sorry we didn’t get to say hello and thank you to everyone.

Russ really enjoyed the night as we all know, he loves to go to parties. We can’t say thank you enough to everyone who gave so generously. We only know that we will “pay it forward.”

Special thanks to the awesome crew who put it together. Also, thank you to everyone who helped set-up and clean up.

As many of you know, our lives changed in a second on September 10. We were just out enjoying the day doing what Russ loves when the unthinkable happened.

We really appreciate all the cards, flowers, food and gifts we received at the hospital and when we came home. Thank you so much to the friends who made the long drive down to Santa Clara. It would really lift his spirits up.

It is a long road but we are just taking one day at a time and he is improving every day.

We are so blessed to live in the communities we do. I has been amazing to know that so many people care and are there for us. Thank you again and we appreciate all the thoughts and prayers.

The Hawkins family,
Russ, Helen, Kelsey, Hunter, Kolten, Lydia and Easton






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