September 25, 2018
Bulldog Varsity Trees Cougars
The Fall River Varsity Bulldogs took the Weed Cougars 3-0 Thursday at home.

The team was in great form downing the Cougars in three sets, 25/13, 25/11 and 25/16.

As a team they racked up 20 kills. Individually #6, Senior Hallee Olsen led with four kills, #5, Junior M. Leighton and #7, Senior Trinity Markham each had three.

The team total for aces was 13. The leaders, #11 Senior Nina Mejia put the ball in the right place at the right time for five of those serving aces. #1, Myah Gallion, a Junior, added three of her own. #7, Trinity Markham was the only one on the team who assisted in a block. There were no solo blocks for the team.

Digging is a tough job, requiring skill and anticipation.

#00 Rylee Pevehouse, a junior kept the Cougar’s spke from hitting the floor 10 times. M. Leighton, #5, and Nina Mejia both got seven. Overall the team recorded 45 diggs.

Junior Myah Gallion, #1, had 12 assists, #8 Natalie Osborne, a junior, is credited with 8 assists.

Pevehouse led in serve receiving. #9, Joanna Jasperse had 14 receptions.
Raiders Stop AC
BURNEY — The Burney Raiders had a great start for the week, downing visiting the American Christian girls from Anderson in three, 26/24, 26/20, 25/22 Monday.

Sophmore Raider Kaitlin Estes, #15, led the attack attempts for the Raiders. Junio P. Deaton-Giesler and Estes each served 12 times. #19 Ashley Davies had two blocks and #5 F. Fergfusson had one.

Ava Bellino, number 50 had nine diggs and Davies, seven. The team total for digs Monday was 35.

Bellino had 13 serve receptions and Geisler and #14 Courtright, a Junior had eight each.

Bull Dogs Take Bears at Home
 The Fall River Bulldogs took the Mount Shasta Bears handily 34-6 at home last Friday.

The Bulldogs made a touchdown and kicked the conversion in the first quarter and the Bears tried to match it getting six points, but failing to make the conversion.

Fall River held the Bears for the rest of the game keeping them from gaining any more points while amassing three touchdowns and single point conversions to round out the win and give them a 4-0 record so far for the season.

The Junior Varsity had set the stage for the varsity win with their own 39 to six victory.

Both teams play Biggs at Biggs this Friday starting at 5:30 p.m.

Mistakes Cost Raiders the Game
After a scoreless first half the Portola Tigers managed to muster a touchdown in the third, building the momentum for two more in the fourth along with point kicks after them. The Raiders weren’t able to hit the scoreboard.

Quarterback # 3 Connor

Pfadt worked hard rackng up 174 yards on 15 throws.

David Nelson, # 20 was Zero for one. Pfadt also carried the ball times for 77 yards, but had 3 interceptions. David Nelson had a very good night, 8 catches for 114 yards

Ricardo Jimenez added five catches for 53 yards.

Number 4 G. Villarreal, also didn’t fool around. He picked up 77 yards in his 8 times rushing and 15 yards on a kickoff return.

Heath Johnson picked up 5 yards on a pass reception and #25 Ricardo Jimenez was all over the field, picking up 53 yards rushing and an 27 yard pass reception for a total of 80 yards.

The team came out 112 yards rushing, 62 yards in the air and 42 on kickoff returns for a total of 214.

#53, Noah Cassel had a 53 yard run on a kickoff before he was brought down.

Quarterback Pfadt also kicked a 36 yard punt.

Coach Jed Tate says “We had too many yards in penalties on Friday, and gave Portola too many chances. Both teams had too many turnovers, but Portola capitalized on their chances.

The Burney Raiders travel to Alturas to take on the Braves this Friday at 5:30 p.m.