The Intermountain Area has some super busy weekends just ahead, so hang on to your hat, put down the remote, feed the dog and get ready to have some good ol’ fashioned fun.

This weekend we have the Mountain Jubilee sponsored by the Inter-Mountain Fair Heritage Foundation and featuring a ton of returning favorite events and some new ones - all promising to be bigger and better than ever. All the action takes place at the Inter-Mountain Fairgrounds in McArthur... as we used to say waaaay back in the good ol’ days, “Be there... or be square!”

The following weekend we welcome back a very old and dear friend - Burney Basin Days (June 29- July 2) and that’s a fun-filled weekend that features a ton of activities, including one of the best fireworks shows you’ll see anywhere. From bed races to kiddies parade to big parade to BBQ to bagpipes to arts ‘n crafts to socials to boxing, you’ll find it all during the annual Burney Basin Days celebration. See next week’s issue of Mountain Echo for your souvenir program...

If that isn’t enough for you, graduates of Fall River High School will gather at the Inter-Mountain Fairgrounds on July 8 for an ‘All Class Reunion’ that will bring old friends together again to reminisce about their good ol’ high school days. My big hope is that name tags are provided to help jar the ol’ memory bank... The last of these reunions was a bit strange for this old alumni - I didn’t have a name tag but people seemed to know me anyway, while I had trouble remembering people who even had name tags... hopefully this reunion will find my memory in full gear - that is if I remember the date.

Congratulations to those softball, baseball and football athletes who were selected to play in the various Northstate All-Star games these past two weekends. You were selected because of your athletic ability, and got the chance to play one more high school game that you built up memories to take with you to your own 50 year reunion down the road. Hopefully we’ve provided you with some newspaper clippings to help with your memory a half-decade down the well travelled road.

So once again I’ve been talked into smashing eggs on the old forehead in the third annual Egg Roulette at the Mountain Jubilee Saturday (5pm for those wanting a good laugh or ten)... This year will mark my third and final appearance at the fund raising contest. I’ve decided to retire my forehead before permanent damage sets in... yeah, I maybe a year or two too late for that, but I’ll hold out hope. One thing about playing Egg Roulette - I can always blame my forgetfulness on this idiotic exhibition. For those who don’t really know what Egg Roulette is, let me explain quickly. Participants are given a choice of several eggs tucked neatly in egg cartons. The gullible player chooses an egg and proceeds to smash it on his/her forehead. If it’s a hard boiled egg you get to sit down and nurse your newly created headache and await another turn. If it’s a raw egg, you get to wipe the egg off your face and crawl into a hole. Yep, that’s it in an eggshell... I’m not yolking. I have a few days left in which to decide whether or not to shave off the beard, or just plan on dunking my entire head in a pail of water if I choose on of those raw eggs... This year I plan on carrying a salt shaker - and if I’m lucky enough to find a hardboiled egg I’ll at least have a snack while awaiting the next dreaded turn.

There is also a Co-Ed Big Ball softball tournament Saturday and Sunday during Mountain Jubilee... and this is a fun-filled event. Can’t wait to see what the person who makes an inning’s third out is forced to wear in the field the next inning... in past year’s it’s been everything from a fluffy Tutu to a feathery Boa. Games are played at the Joe Bruce Sports Complex adjacent to the Fair’s main parking lot.

Have a great week, peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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North wins 8-man All-Star contest;
South prevails in 11-man game
OROVILLE - For the second year in a row, the North All-Star football squad handily blanked the South team in the annual District 4C-1 Lion’s All-Star football classic 8-man game. This year the North shutout their counterparts from the southern part of the northern Section CIF, 49-0.

In the 11-man game that followed, the North’s streak was broken with the South edging out a 36-30 victory.

2017 graduates of Big Valley saw plenty of playing action as Wyatt Schmitt, Logan Leventon, Caleb Weldon and Chase Ohm were on the winning North squad.

Hayfork quarterback Jacob Halderman was named the 8-man MVP.

Fall River graduate Jonathan Iniguez and Burney’s Brandon McFarlane played for the North squad in the 11- man game, seeing action in a narrow loss.

Monies raised from this annual event go toward supporting Camp McCumber, a Lion’s run camp for youngsters with Diabetes that is open every summer near Shingletown.

This was the 40th annual 11-man All- Star Classic, and the decades of games includes a star-studded cast of future college and NFL stars - including Aaron Rodgers, Super Bowl MVP, Jason Seahorn of the NFL, Ricky Ray of the Canadian Football League and current UC Davis coach Dan Hawkins.

2017 "Kid Fit" Program Off to a Good Start

BURNEY - The 2017 edition of the Kid Fit Program kicked off to a fun start last Tuesday, with over 100 youngsters invading Bailey Park for an evening of fun and games.

Everything from Hula Hoops to soccer games as well as jumping and other exercises were enjoyed by the youngsters ranging in age from toddlers to teenagers.

The program, sponsored by Tri Counties Communities Network and financed by Pit River Casino continues throughout the next few weeks, including a Night at the Falls tonight (Tuesday). Families should meet at the Visitor’s Center at McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park by 6pm, when the group will leave to hike various trails throughout the Park and learn about the Falls and surrounding area. Someone will remain at the Visitor’s Center to help those who arrive later than 6 o’clock.

Other events planned iunclude family track and field night, Fun at the Pool night and Mud Run.