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March 31, 2015

LAFCO Exec Explains Map
By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
McARTHUR—Approximately 40 folks from the Cassel, Fall River Mills, Pittville, McArthur, Day and Glenburn areas joined LAFCO representatives, Jan Lopez, Executive Officer, Chair Steve Morgan and Vice Chair Larry Farr at an informal, information only map workshop, last Tuesday.

Morgan and Lopez apologized for confusion surrounding map versions. Continued from Page 1 and explained that there is only one sphere of influence map under consideration for the 2014 Fall River Valley Coordinated Fire Protection District Service area sphere of influence (see accompanying map). Its boundaries do not include Soldier Mountain or Cassel. That map is the map included in the February 19, 2015 documents and has not changed.

One issue that bothered many in the room was why the Soldier Mountain Fire Company, which respond to the same calls as the McArthur and Fall River Departments had not been consulted on the boundaries as drawn on the map.
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May Deadline Not Cast in Concrete
By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
FALL RIVER MILLS — It looks to a lay person that with money tight and deadlines even tighter, the question of how the Fall River facility of Mayers Memorial Hospital will look and function in the future is anything but settled. And in a broader sense it is unsettled. However in the narrow sense Dr. Strangelove may be in the airport, but he certainly isn’t straddling the bomb and waving his cowboy hat.

Following last week’s board of directors meeting it was abundantly clear that the district staff had a variety of things it had to do before the January 1, 2020 deadline to be ready to move into the new hospital. It also appeared that Strangelove was climbing aboard the bomb because Anova representative Charles Dandy said they had less than two months to have the plans submitted for the seismic wall which of course also had to include a new emergency lab, radiology, CEO’s office and a water tank for fires which hadn’t been and wouldn’t be finished for months.

Staff caught more than a little flack from the board because Dandy’s statements made staff look like they hadn’t done a thorough job.
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Pit One Tail Race is being Replaced
PG&E is replacing the concrete floor and sub base of the Pit 1 powerhouse tail race (a tail race is where water is ejected from the powerhouse.), which is about 300 feet long. The concrete floor is from the early 20th Century and needs to be replaced due to simple wear and age. Work will continue for about another 1.5 months. They use a large crane with a 100-foot boom to do the work
Mayers Goes to Washington

(L to R) Congressman Doug LaMalfa, Mayers Chief Operating Officer Louis Ward
and Chief Compliance Officer Caleb Johnson at LaMalfa’s Capital office.
By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
FALL RIVER MILLS — It wasn’t Caleb Johnson or Louis Ward’s first trip to Washington D.C. on behalf of Mayers Memorial Hospital, but this time the trip was paid for by the American Hospital Association and they were representing rural health care for the association.

Johnson is the chief compliance officer for Mayers and Ward, the chief operating officer. Their mission was to attempt to gain bipartisan support for the hospital’s multi-million dollar loan application with the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Mayers was locked in to revamping the existing Fall River Mills hospital facility because of the State’s law passed in the wake of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. That quake caused major death and destruction to everything from freeways to hospital facilities. The State Legislature’s law impacted all hospitals in California, even those, like Mayers, who were not in a major earthquake zone.

The hospital’s effort to obtain a loan through the USDA has been a roller coaster ride. The law allowed them to build an “Seismic Wall” between the original section of the hospital which didn’t meet the new earthquake standards and the newer portion that does. However, the reality of the situation dictated that in addition to the wall, they also had to tear down and rebuild the old section also because it housed radiology, the lab, the emergency room and the CEO’s office.
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Rees Working Quietly to Resolve Dahle/ER Issues
Board meetings, not only those of Mayers, but those of other districts, seem to always be remembered for the issue that stands out above all others at the meeting. However, as with all districts, there is a lot more that goes on and is thus discussed at the board meetings.

Mayers CEO Matt Rees, for example, reported that he had met with the head of Cal Mortgage at the California Hospital Associations’ annual rural symposium and meetings, to discuss the possibility of their financing the hospital’s building project.

He had also met with the employees of the Emergency room to determine what exactly the issues in that department were, met with Dr. Dan Dahle and Board Member Allen Albaugh to discuss why Dahle was taken off the ER schedule, and met with legal counsel to determine what the best way of handling the issues revolving around the emergency room were.
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Tereba Advances

Burney High School Junior Carissa Tereba won the Lions’ Region Level speaking contest Saturday in Mt. Shasta. 

She moves to the next contest in April.
Rollover Crash

The CHP says that Heather Aubuchon of Burney was driving her 99 Chevrolet westbound  on Highway 299 near the Sierra Pacific mill.  Montgomery of Montgomery
Creek was behind her in a 2000 Citra. Aubuchon slowed to turn and signaled a turn  and turned. Montgomery started to pass. He lost control and rolled with the car coming to rest on its wheels off the roadway.

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