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April 28, 2015

Opener was Great Little League Open
Saturday’s opener was damp, a little muddy but otherwise couldn’t have been better. There were a lot of first timers and veterans on hand to ply their skills. Saturday’s opener was damp, a little muddy but otherwise couldn’t have been better. There were a lot of first timers and veterans on hand to ply their skills.

Hospital to be in Place by 2020
By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
In 2013 when the Mayers Memorial Hospital District had to have it seismic (earthquake) construction plans done by law, the financial climate was different than it is today.

Matt Rees, CEO said at that time the board, management team, and architect got together and took a hard look at the existing facility, trends, and projections of what they would need in the future. They also examined financing available for such projects.

At that time they determined that the acute patient beds in the existing facility were adequate at that time and would be for the immediate future. However, it was felt, and he still feels, that more acute patient beds will be needed in the future.

At the time Medicare had zeroed in on acute bed space and had financing available that would allow Mayers to build the facility with considerably more patient space for a lot less than it would cost if they stuck to the current number of acute patient beds, so they okayed the two story concept at $70,000 because Medi Care would cover it and they’d actually come out a million dollars ahead. Additionally, at that time the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) was actively lending and $70 million was well within what that agency would lend. Additionally the hospital district was doing okay on the MediCal plans.

Then everything went south.

The State’s budget was in disrepair and the Governor okayed changes in that program that would have made it impossible for small rural hospitals such as Mayers to operate. While part of that was overturned, the court refused to overturn $3.2 million which has become known as “the claw-back.”

The USDA, which had and still has, plenty of money to lend, lost money they lent to some hospitals in the Midwest, and has backed away from loaning hospitals money for construction.
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Burney Couple Killed in Crash
INGOT — A husband and wife from Burney were killed April 21 in a single vehicle accident on Highway 299.

The Redding Highway Patrol received a call of a solo vehicle accident on SR 299 near Ingot at approximately 7:18 p.m.

When officers arrived, they found a 2007 Ford Ranger with major damage over-the-side on the south roadway edge embankment.

They report that it appeared the vehicle had been traveling eastbound when it left the roadway and struck a large oak tree. Robert Duncan, 36, and his wife Meghann, 29, then thought to be from San Jose, were both killed in the accident and were trapped inside.

The CHP officer on scene reported that alcohol nor drugs appear to have been a factor in the accident. It was estimated that the vehicle may have been traveling 55 mph which may have contributed. Both occupants were wearing properly fastened seatbelts.
Tereba Wins Again
Burney High School Junior, Carissa Tereba, came in first in the Lions’ Club’s Region Level Contest on March 28 in Mt. Shasta.

Carissa has won a total of three contests within this speech competition, and her winnings add up $400.00. She will compete in Corning at the Rolling Hills Casino at 2:00 p.m. on April 25 for the next level of competition. 

Her next competition will be at the state level.n.
Hospital’s Doctors and CEO Say it is Okay with Them
if Dr. Dahle Returns to ER
FALL RIVER MILLS — Mayers Memorial Hospital CEO Matt Rees said in an interview Friday that the Mayers Memorial Hospital Medical Staff (Doctors) had met earlier in the week and both they and Rees had given their approval to allow Dr. Dan Dahle to practice at Mayers Emergency Room again.

Dahle had been removed from staff in mid- March by Rees so an unspecified complaint could be investigated.

Rees said that standard operating procedure dictates the suspension of individuals with complaints until an investigation can be conducted. An outside investigation was conducted and attorneys involved.

Dahle and others were interviewed, meetings were held and both the Medical Staff and Rees all agreed they felt Dahle could be reinstated.

Personnel issues are confidential and no specific information is available.

Ambulance manager, Bob May, who Dahle blamed for the entire situation remained in place and, when asked Friday, Rees said, he would remain in his position.

During his interview with Mountain Echo in March, Dahle made it clear that he felt he was the boss of the emergency room and did not feel the hospital had the right to hire a manager, that no one liked the manager, and that the manager was playing God.

The Ambulance Department had been losing money for years and one CEO had seriously looked into eliminating it completely.

Ambulance manager, Bob May, who came on board in January, is a retired Burney Fire Chief, well known for doing what is necessary,, not necessarily what is popular to straighten out problems that are damaging areas he becomes responsible for.

Prior to being hired, he was interviewed by a panel of interviewers including medical management from outside the district and by Rees.

Dahle told Mountain Echo that a number of emergency room and ambulance personnel had either quit or were in the process of quiting because of May. Neither turned out to be correct.

A total of three ambulance medics have left, two before May started work, one of whom has come back. Additionally May recruited five new medics since his arrival.

Dahle is a native of Tulelake, above Big Valley, started his medical career as a Corpsman in the Vietnam Conflict, has an MD and PHd and has been contracted by EmCare as a physician by Mountain Valley’s Health Center for 30 years.

Hospital’s Finances are Great
By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
BURNEY — Mayers Memorial Hospital’s finances have improved tremendously during CEO Matt Rees’ tenure. The district’s average daily revenue was over $1 million for the third time in four months and the bottom was line financially in the black.

• Total patient revenue was $3,305,397 up over one million dollars from the $2,282,715 for the month of March 2014.

• They had a net revenue (after deductions) of $2,010.285 which was $407,004 better than the $1,603,281 for March of 2014.

• Operating Expenses for March 2015 were $1,854,802 which was $20,518 less that the same month in 2014.

That left the operating end of the financial statement in the black by $155,483 for March 2015, $427,521 better than the negative balance of $272,038 for March of 2014.

After totaling non-operating revenue and expense into the equation they were still $400,149 in the black before taxes, interest and amortization, as opposed to $32,965 in the red last year. Overall for the year they were $861,280 in the black as opposed to $388,710 in the red in 2014.

Cash flow has been a problem because of old debt such as money still owed on the Burney facility which they have been steadily paying on. Mayers CEO Matt Rees said they are on track with the old debt and expects it to all be paid off in the Fall of 2016.

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