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June 28, 2016

Yep!  It's Mud!

The Mud Run was one of many great Heritage Days events at the fairgrounds last weekend and Ron Mosher covered them all as you can see when you read the sports pages. Don’t worry, this young man probably won’t get in trouble for playing in the mud because his Mom and Dad were probably playing in it too.

Burney Outdoor Water Restrictions are Relaxed
By Alex Colvin Contributing writer Burney residents are no longer limited to watering two days a week.

At their special meeting on June 22, the Burney Water Board (BWD) voted to lift the limitations on outdoor ornamental watering that had been in place since last year. This is pursuant to Governor Brown’s Executive Order B-37-16 “Making Water Conservation a California Way of Life” and the subsequent California State Water Resources Board decision that:

The regulation that will be in effect from June 2016 through January 2017 requires locally developed conservation standards based on each agency’s specific circumstances.

The new state regulation was approved by the California Office of Administrative Law and went into effect on May 31. The state regulation will remain in effect until February 28, 2017

Board President Jim Hamlin and directors Tanya Taylor and Britta Rogers were present. Directors Roger Borkey and Fred Ryness were not present.

Two BWD customers, Kara Bowden and her mother, Kristie Jarrels, had come to the meeting to express their concerns about rising rates.

It is Bowden’s opinion that, “If you continue to raise rates, PG&E and other companies that BWD supplies will have to raise their rates. This creates a vicious circle of rising rates. If rates rise to the point that people can’t afford them, they will move to places where they can and Burney will suffer.”

Bowden proposed that the Board find alternative ways to raise money for infrastructure and other costs without raising rates. As the discussion finished, Bowden said that she would try to develop a plan for some type of fundraising program.

BWD is in a tough spot. Already this year, they are $69,000 in the red. They have to provide good water, get the district on a sound financial footing, and maintain the integrity of the local district. They have done a study, developed a plan, and proposed a budget to accomplish these goals.

At the same time, the board members who were present were sympathetic to the plight of low and fixed-income residents for whom the rate increases present a difficulty. After the June 16 meeting, Manager Willie Rodriguez met with one of that meeting’s speakers, Ann Wilburn, and asked her to help come up with ideas to assist senior citizens with low income.

The Board also indicates that it wants to improve communication with customers. They want to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction.

The next Regular Board Meeting is scheduled for July 21. The Board plans to vote on the rate increase and the budget at that meeting.
Redding Jail Finally Keeps J.T. Bellegante
19-year old alleged felon with three active “no bail” warrants for his arrest was taken into custody again last Wednesday.

Deputies from the Shasta County Sheriff’s Burney substation attempted to contact J. Tucker “JT” Bellegante, 19, at his residence in the 38000 block of State Highway 299, in Johnson Park at 5:30 p.m. The warrants were for failing to appear on a felony charge, narcotic sales, and vehicle theft.

When deputies initially arrived they were advised by family that Bellegante was not at the location. Deputies saw a stolen drum set at the residence while they talked to the family. The drum set had been taken during a residential burglary in McArthur a few weeks prior.
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Hathaway Hired
BURNEY — The Commissioners of the Burney Fire Protection District met with retired Battalion Chief Jerry “Abe” Hathaway and unanimously hired him as Interim Fire Chief last Tuesday morning.

He will fill the slot opening when current Chief, Adrian Rogers, leaves. Rogers gave 30- day notice three weeks or more ago. Hathaway, a former Fireman of the Year, has over 20 years experience as a firefighter with the Burney Department and rose from firefighter to Bat t a l i on Chief long before he retired.

He is well known and re s p e c t e d inside the department and throughout the area.

Lifelong resident, rancher, retired high school teacher, and former Shasta County Supervisor, he currently serves as president of the Mayers Memorial Hospital District and as a trustee on the Burney Basin Mosquito District’s board.
Mayor's Race Coming to a Close This Week
BURNEY — This is the last chance to vote for Burney’s Honorary Mayor will be announced at the Ice Cream Social on Thursday, June 30th on the lawn behind the Veteran’s Hall. The contestants have been having a bit of fun with a nonsensical on line debate for the past couple weeks. When asked what 3 items each of them would take to a deserted island, James Glaser, who is raising funds for the Lions Club’s Diabetic Cam,p said he would bring duct tape, a motor home and lots of video games. Destiny Tavares is collecting “votes” to donate to the Mayer’s Memorial Burney Annex and would bring her hair brush, soap and her magical wand. The new “Burney Performing and Visual Arts Center’ will be the recipient of the donations collected by Nancy Bobo and she would bring paper, a pencil and a healthy imagination.

To see more questions and answers from our illustrious contestants, visit Facebook and like the Honorary Mayor of Burney page.
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County Put's "Locals Only" in Writing
By Alex Colvin
contributing writer
More than 100 people attended the second meeting put on by Shasta County Health and Human Services (HHSA) June 21.

This was the second meeting to provide information about proposed housing for adults with serious mental illnesses and/or children with serious emotional disturbances and their families.

The proposed project, funded by the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), would provide eight to 10 one-bedroom or two-bedroom housing units in eastern Shasta County for eligible residents. For purposes of this project, the Intermountain Area includes Big Bend, Round Mountain, Montgomery Creek, Burney, Cassel, Hat Creek, Old Station, Fall River Mills, and McArthur.

The meeting’s head, Jamie Hannigan (pictured left) of HHSA encouraged people to participate in the planning and development of the project by signing up as community stakeholders.

Tammy Allan, Director of Behavioral Health at Hill Country Health and Wellness Center gave a PowerPoint presentation describing the behavioral health services offered by Hill Country and the Full Service Partnerships (FSP).

All counties in California are required to have a FSP to promote recovery and stability for people suffering from mental health disorders. Allan says permanent supportive housing is one of the basic needs of those people.

In order to participate a person must have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness such as severe depression, suicidal tendencies, bi-polar or other disorders that impair a person’s ability to function effectively in society.

To take part as a Full Service Partner, they must be willing to participate in therapy and support programs. The comprehensive program involves not only care from medical and mental health providers, but also support and involvement from family, friends, peers, and the community.
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