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October 6, 2015

Bridge Update
By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
FALL RIVER MILLS — The closure of the Fall River Bridge and problems created and timeframe to replace continues to be a major concern to those who live in the Big Eddy Estates and its vicinity as well as others who use it as an access route to provide services to that area.

Susan David and others have scheduled a follow up meeting to the original closure meeting for November 8th and have invited the various politicians representing this area as well as agencies and firms involved.

One of the major solutions brought up by residents in the area (simply stated) has been why not put forms around the compromised bridge pillons and pump concrete under them, so Mountain Echo asked.

Shasta County Public Works Director Pat Minturn explained that the bridge is 97 years old. The original drawings if they ever existed, don’t now. The bridge is an aged concrete structure and the county doesn’t know whether it includes steel or not.

All six pylons are compromised. Some of them considerably worse than others.

Any work done on the bridge has to be done under 15 feet of water.

The compromised areas would have to be cleared of anything that would have a tendency to weaken or make the pylons questionable in the future. They would also have to work under considerably less than ideal conditons with water pressure at that depth.

He didn’t feel that they could guarantee with any reliablity that, even repaired, the pylons wouldn’t shift which could take the bridge down.

The river bottom is rock so they can’t drive supports in.

The State has indicated that the bridge is too far gone to ever be made safe and they will not authorize its use for any traffic now or in the future.

He says work is moving forward and that he expects to have the archelogical study done before November 1.

PG&E to Construct Lake Access on Eastern Side
FALL RIVER MILLS, Calif. —Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) will create a parking area and walk-in access to the east side of Fall River Lake.

PG&E will install boulders from the north end of Curve Street and along a dirt road to a parking and turn around area. This will enable visitors to drive a short distance into the property and then park and walk in. Work is scheduled to occur October 15 to 30.

PG&E was directed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to restrict vehicles from entering the 800 acres of property the utility owns on the east side of Fall River Lake, also known as PG&E’s Pit 1 Reservoir. The closure is to protect resources from vehicle damage.

Access points from Reynolds Road and Mackey’s Cove Road are now gated and there is no parking or walk-in access from these points to reduce negative impacts on nearby residents.

Alternatively, PG&E provides recreational facilities on the west side of the lake, including picnic areas, parking and a boat ramp.
Vehicle Assult Case Going to D. A.
BURNEY — The investigation into the September 17 incident that put a Johnson Park woman in the hospital is being turned over to the Shasta County District Attorney’s office after its completion last week. The names of those involved are still not being made available.

According to the Officer Wagner, the incident started at a residence in Johnson Park. The female victim and two males tried to get away, leaving the residence in one vehicle. The victim was not the driver.

The suspect vehicle, also with three occupants followed them and rammed them numerous times in Burney, through the Rite Aid parking lot, further down Highway 299, through the USA gas station parking lot. turning, the cars went through the Qubec Street Apartment parking lot, and back on Mountain View where the suspect vehicle finally forced the victim’s vehicle off the road.
Fall River Students Combat Need in Fire Stricken
Community of Middletown

FFA President Jace Neugebauer and Interact President Ernesto Alvarez, whose
clubs will be working together to help address the needs of the Middletown community.
By Lucas Warnock
Interact Publicity Director
and Mariah Maier
FFA Secretary
The small area of Middletown, California suffered a direct hit from a large valley wildfire. There was no account as to how many losses occurred in the area, but now many families are homeless, short on supplies, and are in need of desperate help. The McArthur FFA has teamed up with a new group called the Fall River Interact Club to provide this aid. McArthur FFA’s goal is to supply mass quantities of feed and hay to those who need to feed their livestock and animals. Interact Club is creating a Go Fund Me account to raise money to help support the rebuilding efforts in the area of Middletown. The Fall River Interact Club was started by the Fall River Staff, Pablo Trenado (the Spanish Teacher) and Delaney Chapman (Fall River’s Paraprofessional/ Teacher) who gathered a group of forty kids all attending Fall River High. It is a subsidiary of the Intermountain Rotary. Interact aims to help those in their community as well as others nation or even worldwide. McArthur FFA and Interact can’t do all of this without the support of community. McArthur FFA needs to gather quantities of feed and hay. If you are able or want to donate either call the Fall High School Office at (530)-336- 5515 and ask for Mr. Rick Neugebauer and talk to him. If you want to donate to the Interact, just visit our Facebook page Fall River Interact Club and find the link on the page, if you don’t have Facebook, please call the school and ask for Mr. Pablo Trenado or Ms. Delaney Chapman.

Shasta LAFCo Opposes Involvement in Small Agency Fire Services
By Loretta Carrico Russell
Mountain Echo reporter
A bill sits on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk that has the potential to do more harm than good for firefighting services. Shasta Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) voted to send a letter opposing Senate Bill 239 (Hertzberg).

If passed, the bill would place agreements between public agencies for fire protection services in the jurisdiction of county LAFCos. Written permission is required from the recognized employee organizations to provide fire services outside its designated service area.

This bill appears to provide a bypass to city, state and federal fire agency employee contracts and conceivably eliminate an agency’s ability to determine how fire protection is governed, according to CALAFCo’s quarterly newsletter, which has adopted a “no position” on the biIl.

“LAFCo shouldn’t be involved in small agency fire services,” said LAFCo chair Stephen Morgan. “Especially at this time with the worst fire season,” he said, speculating the Bill’s outcome could limit local control and limit services.

LAFCo’s attorney, James Underwood clarified that if an agency contracts for services outside its boundary, the process currently has to be reviewed by LAFCo.

In the bill’s analysis, it would create a “public process for approving a fire protection reorganization contract, including a requirement that, prior to submitting an application to the LAFCo, a public agency must get written consent to the proposal from each affected public agency and the recognized employee organization representing firefighters of both the existing and proposed service providers, and have a public hearing.

“The proposed law defines a ‘fire protection reorganization contract’ as a contract or agreement that for the exercise of new or extended fire protection services outside a public agency’s current service area that does either of the following: Transfers responsibility for providing services in more than 25 percent of the service area of any public agency affected by the contract or agreement or changes the employment status of more than 25 percent of the employees of any public agency affected by the contract or agreement.”
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