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August 23, 2016

Good Clean Fun on the Pit
By Alex Colvin
contributing writer
Kayakers from Northern California, Nevada, and Oregon gathered at the Madesi River Access above Big Bend to enjoy the thrill of riding level III, IV, and V rapids on a 9.3 mile stretch of the Pit River last Saturday.

This was the first day of the two weekends in 2016 that PG&E will be providing high water flows onthe Pit 5 Reach from Pit 5 Dam to the J.B. Black Powerhouse.

By 10 a.m. PG&E had increased the flows from 450 to 1500 cubic feet per second. They remained at this level until about 4 p.m. when they were gradually reduced to 600. Sunday morning the flows were raised again to 1500 and the after 4 p.m. gradually lowered back to 450 feet per second.

The most challenging stretch is from Madesi River Access to the bridge at Big Bend. There is river access just below the bridge. From Big Bend to J.B. Black Powerhouse the ride is easier.

My wife Linda and I arrived at 12:30 p.m. to watch the kayakers come round the bend in the river and ride the white water above the bridge. It’s fun for the kayakers but it’s fun for photographers too.

As we walked out onto the bridge, we saw two watchers from Spring Rivers. Spring Rivers is a company that provides biological and physical assessments of aquatic and riparian ecosystems. PG&E contracts with them to monitor the event, registering the kayakers at the Madesi access and then keeping count as they pass under the bridge and disembark at the Bridge access or J.B. Black Powerhouse

By the time we arrived, one raft and 13 kayakers had passed below the bridge. A Spring Rivers truck arrived and told us that so far 32 kayakers had registered.

As we waited for more to appear round the bend of the river upstream, we met two of the group of 32, Sarah from Fair Oaks and Erica Gold from Oakland.

Sarah and Erica had opted to wait for some friends to ride the current to the bridge and then join them to ride down to J.B. Black Powerhouse. One of them had done this run in a previous year. The other hadn’t but had kayaked the Pit One run that goes over Pit River Falls to the Pit One campground. She said that was really exciting.

They told me that they were part of a group of kayakers that had gathered together for the weekend. In addition to Fair Oaks and Oakland, friends came from Reno, San Jose, Coloma near Placerville, and Trinity County.
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Twenty Year Old Earns Four Years in Prison
REDDING — J. Tucker Belegante, 20, of Johnson Park entered a plea bargain in Shasta County Superior Court and was sentenced to 4-years in state prison last week for illegal possession of ammunition, stealing a vehicle, knowingly receiving stolen property, sale of a controlled substance and corporal injury to a spouse or co-inhabitant.

As of Friday, he was being held in Shasta County Jail on a no-bail hold, pending his transfer to state prison.

West Nile Victim Not in our Area
REDDING — A Shasta County adult is the first person in Shasta County to be reported this season with probable West Nile Virus (WNV) this year according to Shasta County Public Health. The person lives in the Shasta Mosquito District’s area and is recovering at home.

West Nile Virus is almost always transmitted to people from the bite of an infected mosquito and is not transmitted from person to person, or from horses or other animals to humans. Symptoms of West Nile Virus can include high fever, severe headache, worsening confusion or stiff neck.

If you have symptoms, contact your health care provider immediately. Tell your doctor if you have had recent mosquito bites. It is important to note that 80% of people infected with West Nile Virus have no symptoms.
Air Ambulance Plans to Fly Out of Adin
By Walt Caldwell
Mountain Echo editor
BIEBER – There are still hoops to jump through, but the Sierra Medical Services Alliance (SEMSA), The Southern Cascade Community Service District (the ambulance district in Big Valley), and the Big Valley Joint Unified School District, are in agreement – SEMSA will be a tremendous asset not only to Big Valley or the Intermountain Area, but much of the northeastern corner of California.

The plans as presented at Wednesday night’s school board meeting is for SEMSA to partner with the Big Valley School District and put a ground ambulance, Medical Helicopter, and advanced life support school covering EMT and Paramedic training, and housing at the now vacant Adin Primary School. The helicopter would then be available for medical calls as far away as Cedarville to the northeast and Fall River Mills and Burney to the west if they buy into the program.

SEMSA would need to add showers, do some modification, and maintain the facility. The Ambulance District already has the money to build both the structure to house the ambulance and a hangar to house the helicopter. The school district would be able to re-establish its Adult Education Program and provide the training.
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Fishing Access to Pit River Clarified
PIT ONE – In the past there has been some confusion regarding fishing access to the Pit River in the vicinity of the Pit One Power House west to the Lions Picnic Park.

The Grant Deed shows that Michelle Titus purchased what had once been the PG&E Pit One club house and the PG&E compound surrounding it effective October 12, 2012.

Since that time she has made a number of improvements to the buildings, fenced most of the property and locked off what were once dirt roads on the property. She has also put up a number of “Guest Only” and “No Trespassing signs which is her right.

PG&E Public Affairs Officer Paul Moreno took a look at the agreements that had been in place and were in place between the company and the various owners of the Pit One property.

He says, “We concluded that there are three roads described in the deed that were reserved as ‘Public Access.’

“One of the roads extends (from the main PG&E road to the Power House) past the BLM campground towards the Lions Club Park which is currently not being blocked by the Pit 1 Lodge. The other two roads described in the grant deed both laed towards the powerhouse.

“The first is the main road (through the compound) past the lodge and ending at the powerhouse. “The second is a spur off the northern road (toward the BLM campground) by the old tennis courts and leads to the tailrace bridge. However, PG&E has provided access to the tailrace bridge via the road to the powerhouse (the first main road through the compound) once the road passed thelodge and crosses back onto PG&E property, therefore (the second) is not needed to access through the middle of the lodge property. The end point is the same.”

Titus says that since the “second” route leads to the same place as the first one, it wasn’t needed to provide access and has been blocked off to all but PG&E employees.

In addition to the access at the tailrace, fishermen and women can fish in the vicinity of the BLM campground and further to the west at the Lions Picnic Park.

She says the section of the Pit River in the vicinity of the tailrace is steep, rocky and dangerous and she does not advise even her clients to fish the banks in that area.

Sweep Nets Familiar Offenders
On August 18, 2016 the Sheriff’s Office AB109 team, members of the Shasta County Probation Department and resident deputies from the Sheriff’s Office assigned to the Burney Division conducted probation searches, compliance checks and residence verifications at ten locations in the Burney, Johnson Park and Cassel area.

Five probationers were arrested:

1. Lyna Phipps was arrested for a probation violation for possessing 2 ounces

2. Aaron Phipps was arrested for a probation violation for transporting illegal narcotics and possession of illegal narcotics for sale.

3. Kyle Christie was arrested for an outstanding felony warrant

4. Jonathan Searl was arrested for failure to comply with the terms of his Supervised Own Recognizance (SOR) conditions.

5. Douglas Wilson, a registered sex offender, was arrested for failure to comply with his court ordered treatment plan.

Two other probationers who were not home at the time their homes were searched will have cases filed against them with the District Attorney’s Office.

Lonnie James Corona will be charged with possession of methamphetamine for sales due to 24.8 grams of methamphetamine being located in his home along with evidence to show sales.

Quentin Winn will be charged with possession of methamphetamine due to 1 gram of methamphetamine being located in his home.
Late last week the Southern Cascades board did take formal action to Adopt a resolution “approving in concept an agreement to co-locate with Sierra Emergency Medical Services Alliance( SEMSA) for an EMS Station and Training Facility and pursue agreement with the Sierra Emergency Medical Services Alliance for Managementof EMS operations for the Southern Cascades EMS District.”

The details of the agreement will be worked out by staff and the Planning and Community Relations Committee and to be brought back to the Board for final consideration and approval over the next few weeks.

In Addition, the Board accepted a report from staff and SEMSA representatives on the prioritization of potential EMS station locations in Adin and directed Staff and the Planning and Community Relations Committee to pursue an agreement proposal with the Big Valley Joint Unified School District for the Adin Primary School Site.
BURNEY — The Fall River Joint Unified School District gained 60 students on opening day of this school year as compared to opening day, 2015.

• East Burney - 376, up 28 from 2015
• Fall River - 306, up 16 from 2015
• Burney Community Day School - 0, down four from 2015
• Fall River Community Day School, four, up two from 2015

• Burney - 100, up 18 from 2015
• Fall River - 70, down 22 from 2015 HIGH SCHOOL
• Burney - 127, down Four from 2015 • Fall River - 158, up eight from 2015
• Mountain View - 19, up three from 2015
• Soldier Mountain - 8, up three from 2015

• Mt. Burney - 15, up seven from 2015.

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