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"Lets Play"

Rusty is a cute young guy in need of a new home. 

This 1-year-old active terrier mix gets along well with other dogs and loves people.

He is neutered, vaccinated knows how to use a doog door, is crate trained and knows "sit" and "down."

He would be excited to become your new best friend forever, especially if you already have another dog who wants an active playmate.

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September 2, 2014

Ol’ Merc Damaged by Basement Fire

McARTHUR — The good news is that the McArthur Fire Department managed to keep the 3:42 a.m. Friday, fire confined primarily to the basement. It was determined to have been caused by an electrical problem.
The bad news is that it burned up some of the floor joists and compromised others, along with destroying the electrical, sewer and plumbing housed in the basement.

Owner Marion Gallion says she is scheduled to meet with adjusters today (Tuesday).

Marion, who was woken out of a sound sleep by a friend to learn that her business was on fire, says it has been really tough emotionally, but she is okay and so thankful to the many friends who have offered their help.

She says the floor in the back where the kids video games were is gone, there’s a lot of smoke and other damage to the main floor also.

The Ol’ Merc has served the community of McArthur also as a mercantile store and as a grocery store.

The Ol’ Merc was a popular student hang out, a place for family birthday parties, and hosted, the Old Tyme Fiddlers on a regular basis, as well as other organizations.

Burney Man Attacked & Robbed at Home

BURNEY - On Friday, 08/29/14, at approximately 04:10 P.M., A Burney man was attacked and robbed of his bicycle at his home.

Mark Marsden, 54, reported that a short Mexican or Indian Male 20-30 years old with multiple tattoos on his arms accosted him inside his garage on Superior Avenue and struck him in the rib cage area with a pipe-like weapon at approximately 4:10 p.m.

The man demanded the keys to his nearby vehicle.

Marsden was able to retreat into his house and call 9-1-1. Marsden told responding officers that the male then stole a bicycle from his residence, and fled in an unknown direction.

Sheriff’s Sergeant Quentin Johnston says an extensive area check was conducted for the suspect with negative results.

The bicycle that was stolen is described as a new Nishika brand mountain bike, and white and blue in color.

The attacker was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.

Johnston says that anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 245- 6540.

It Was Another Wonderful Country Fair
Raising an animal to show at the fair is a labor of love and reality. Fort Crook Historical Society display booth is a major theme winner.

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Leah Fielder Wins Big at State Fair

SACRAMENTO — What a great end to Leah’s FFA years at McArthur. Leah Fielder of McArthur and her lambs (see photo on the left) have received a number of honors over the past years.

The 2014 Fall River High School graduate topped it off at this, her last State Fair competition being awarded the Supreme Market lamb and Champion FFA showmanship award.

“For Leah Fielder, this is not a 90 day fair project, her mother Debi says, the sheep are a 365 day-a-year project.

“To top it all off, new baby lambs born, arrived on the 1-year anniversary of the terrible mountain lion attack where Leah last 10 ewes from her “keeper pen.” Leah welcomed a new baby boy and girl into the barn on the anniversary! I couldn’t have asked for more. Very blessed.” Debi said.

New Surgeon at Mayers is Busy
BURNEY — Mayers Memorial Hospital CEO Matt Rees told his board Wednesday that Dr. Syverson is on board and has been able to do some emergency surgeries in addition to his scheduled surgeries and procedures.

The hospital did its Fire Life Safety Survey and found that their panel for the fire system failed.

Rees says the staff is on fire watch until they can get the panel repaired or replaced.

The hospital staff is working with Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressman Doug LaMalfa’s offices to get the state USDA RD office to move forward on the hospital’s loan package.

He says Boxer’s office is contacting the state office and LaMalfa’s staff is contacting the federal office to find out where the package is in the process and let them know they are interested.

He says staff is continuing to work with the Mountain Valley’s Health Clinics on the integration of systems and recruitment of physicians.

Chief Nursing Officer Sherry Wilson and Chief Clinical Officer Keith Earnest lauded the staff for their work on evacuating the patients during the big area fires and bringing them all home safely.

Earnest said the Physical therapists are working with Modoc Medical Center to staff vacations there.

Currently the vascular- sonographer is relocating and Imaging Manager Doreen Parker is working on a schedule which will fill that role one day a week.
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Groundwater Bills are being Pushed Through
Without much public involvement, the State Senate passed sweeping groundwater legislation Wednesday that will create a new government agency with extraordinary powers to impose fees and fines on property owners who rely on groundwater State Senator Jim Nielsen says.

“This legislation will drastically change the way Californians deal with groundwater, and yet, the public has not been included in the deliberation.”

“This measure will increase regional water tensions. It pits the little guys against the big boys. It exempts the largest consuming counties like Los Angeles and their basins from the regulations,” Nielsen added.
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Governor Signs Dahle Forestry Bills
A bill sponsored by Assemblyman Brian Dahle, R-Bieber, to allow foresters to replant their land based on the best modern science, instead of antiquated 1970’s-era stocking standards, has been signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Assembly Bill 2082 authorizes the Board of Forestry to set stocking standards based on the specific landscape and species needs, and taking into account the vastly improved survival rates of today’s seedlings. The current one-size-fits-all stocking standard -- 300 trees per acre for most forests – in just a few years creates hazardous fire traps that require costly pre-commercial thinning by landowners. The standard made sense when it was first enacted, as half of seedlings commonly died. Improved seed stock and planting techniques, however, mean it’s common for 90 percent of seedlings to thrive and grow into trees.

“This law won’t end landowners’ obligation to replant their forests as part of a Timber Harvest Plan,” Dahle said, “but it will give the experts at the Board of Forestry the ability to craft restocking plans that are more efficient and make ecological sense.”
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